Bleach 422 and 421


Big whew... at the beginning and then *quirk* at the end?

I love Urahara... *laughs* For ALL the wrong reasons and now I feel like I've done him something of an injustice... though in demented_dee's AU, Aizen's still at the top of his power structure. It's intriguing to think through though, and even more intriguing to think of Urahara always being under the legitimate orders.

It's good to see Shinji back on his feet and just as smart-ass with his comeback for Unohana as ever. Nice to see that Hiyori can make it if she wants, which gives me hope for everyone else. Nice to see Ichigo's Pack all back on their feet as well, and amusing to see Byakuya and Zaraki be bored. *laughs*

Anyone else want to bet that the Hōgyoku has now chosen Ichigo? *grins*
Hōgyoku: I want Ichigo as my pet now! And I'm going to hug him and snuggle him and call him George!
Ichigo: *runs away screaming*

And, you know, it was intriguing to think of Ichigo as having a CHANCE at being a 'normal high school boy' again. Poor kid.
Is that what happened to Ichigo?

I am on pins and needles to find out what's going on with all the dying and injured. Did Ishida get his arm back (can't tell from that strange shadowy appendage-like thing drawn at his side)? How about Ukitake and Shunsui? Good grief, the suspense.
I am thinking that's what's happening... but don't know, obviously. *laughs*

I do want to know what happened to my favorite captains, but with Matsumoto back on her feet after what happened to HER, I have to believe that Kira ran around like a mad man and did what he could for everyone.

Right. Or it's just the whole 'the spiritual body is made of spiritual energies so injuries are healed by ...' whatever magic thingy TK wants. *grins*
i'm jumping on that theory more and more. and the possibility that his hollow side is not one bit happy about the new intrusion. that's why he's on the ground grabbing at his throat.

yeah i'm really curious about what happened with our favorite captains. geez ukitake's been MIA for how many chapters now?
Woo... that first would make a lot of sense!!

Yeah... it's been a LOT of chapters since that's happened. Whew.
personally i have a sneaky feeling that some of the unseen characters were involved. this is a pretty out there theory...
the reason shunsui was so calm and played dead until lisa stomped on his head is...as they were falling he saw someone *yurichi, ryuuken, urahara, tessi? swooped in and took the near mortally wounded ukitake to safety and healing and replaced him with a gigai of some sorts. that could be one possible explanation.
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