Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bleach 422 and 421


Big whew... at the beginning and then *quirk* at the end?

I love Urahara... *laughs* For ALL the wrong reasons and now I feel like I've done him something of an injustice... though in demented_dee's AU, Aizen's still at the top of his power structure. It's intriguing to think through though, and even more intriguing to think of Urahara always being under the legitimate orders.

It's good to see Shinji back on his feet and just as smart-ass with his comeback for Unohana as ever. Nice to see that Hiyori can make it if she wants, which gives me hope for everyone else. Nice to see Ichigo's Pack all back on their feet as well, and amusing to see Byakuya and Zaraki be bored. *laughs*

Anyone else want to bet that the Hōgyoku has now chosen Ichigo? *grins*
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