This is really great artwork. I also saw one on y!gal with David and West in a clinch that was super hot. The tat was just amazing. All this great stuff makes me seriously wish I had the time to devour this series.

Maybe if you're still writing it when I check back in, I'll have time to dive in. :D

Hope you and family are well and happy. And I hope I get to check in with you again sooner rather than later!

I'd totally glomp you, but with my current stature I'm afraid I'd knock you over completely. :-P

So instead you get a very careful *hug* ;)
Hey! By the time you're back, we may, (we hope we hope we hope) have it rewritten into an actual book that someone might publish! So it'll be easier. *laughs* I'll hope. *grins*

Whew, yeah, I loved that clinche as well. Whew...and, yes, West's tats are *amazing*.

*hugs you carefully back*

We're doing quite well! And I hope you and all your boys are doing well and are happy. I'll certainly miss you, but am glad you're being sane and taking the time!

Take care, sweet.
Belatedly admiring the artwork, and going "ooooo" at the thought of Published Work.
Oooo, yay!

(And ooo, a list of fics! Yeah, for some reason I totally did not think to look at the top of your journal. I suppose it's because I keep my masterlist (for the LA drabbles) in my Memories. >_> Doh!)