Winter War in Russian!!!

I am amazed and pleased to be able to say that Winter War is now available in Russian. The amazing darth_veda has actually translated the first 13 chapters and is working on translating it all for a Russian reading audience that has enjoyed it a great deal.

It's just really cool to have a story that's someone loved so much that she decided to do this work.

You can see the index of chapters here.

*giggles* It's kind of fun translating the comments using Google translate, as people seem to love it there, too.
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*waves and smiles shyly*
And here I want to thank you again for the marvellous fic ^_^

One of the dedicated readers made up a sketch for the 12th chapter which I'd like to show to you, too:

(sorry that I can't give a link to his blog now - it seems he temporarily closed it)
Oh, my, that is *gorgeous*!!

And so... Gin. *grins* Beautiful and I shall point the other two at this as well! Neat!!