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Hmm... had a taste of what it's like to have three kids Saturday night, when we took Alex and Haley in while Ray and Joan got a movie and a dinner in. I don't really see how silkiemom does it by herself. With John it was still a handful, though really fun, too. I'm very glad that Alex is a really cool kid and does a lot on his own, himself. Haley-bop is really fun and still learning how to talk so she was getting mildly frustrated with us not understanding everything she says, though Alex was good at translating. Jet just zoomed around, cool as a cucumber, with the other two running interference for him. Hee.

I was suitably exhausted enough to really sleep in on Sunday morning and have a great Mother's Day shopping at the Outlet Mall, eating lunch in Loveland, and then having John make both breakfast and dinner for me. Mmmm... potato chip chicken. Jet was great all day, too, just happy, playful, and content. That was really great. I now am the proud owner of a stainless saute pan and a cast iron griddle that should be useful for all kinds of breakfast things. Made banana pancakes on it this morning and realized, a bit too late, that a pastry brush is not always a basting brush, while most basting brushes can be used for painting pastry as well...

It was raining. Steady, slow, deep, wonderful rain, all Saturday night and Sunday morning, and it felt wonderful. Man, I miss Seattle. It's sunny today, again. Hopefully it'll be rainy and everything Tuesday through Thursday of this week. It's better than last year, when it was already in the 80's and 90's, but we really could use a few steady showers this spring.

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