That Left at Albuquerque

We're actually in Albuquerque, NM. Took all of yesterday afternoon and evening to get half the way there, to Raton, and then made it the rest of the way today with a stop by the Tecolote Cafe. Tried to get to the Glow tonight, but were too late, but early enough to get to Costco to get discount tickets for tomorrow.

We're supposed to be up at 4:45am. *laughs* So a quick account...

We left as soon as Jet got home from school, and stopped in Colorado Springs at a Noodles and Company so that we could use my birthday gift certificate with them. Jet was so very happy to find that they were exactly like the one at home. We've gone to so many hotels, Jet just moved right into our room and went to sleep very happily. The hotel breakfast fit the boys quite well, but John knew my tastes too well and took me to a nice coffee shop in the morning where I got a lovely cranberry muffin and a really nice mocha from a lady that told us that she hated Starbucks, so was very, very careful picking her coffee for flavor.

That was really nice.

Sheepherder's Breakfast
As we came to Santa Fe, it was about lunch time, so we stopped at the Tecolote Cafe, which is a lovely little local diner with lots of local specialties, including this Sheep Herder's Breakfast. The red chile and green chile with eggs, potatoes, and other things as well. The red was the milder of the two, and was still too hot for me.

I was able to get Atole and Pinon pancakes. Atole is a blue corn and Pinon are local pine nuts, and the pancakes were delicious and unique. Jet really loved his big, buttermilk pancake and four slices of bacon. *laughs* He was so very happy.

We got to John's brother's house. Walt and Cathie greeted us happily. We'd just seen them a few weeks ago, but it was really good to see them again. I had trouble sleeping in the hotel, so I just went and napped for most of the afternoon while the boys played with Bucky balls and visited with everyone. That was really cool.

Dinner was handmade tamales, homemade chili rellenos, salad, and one of the best views in the area of Sandia Peak. The watermelon pink color of it was just gorgeous in the sunset. The weather is just beautiful here, sunny, clear, and the highs were in the mid-70's and in the shadows things were cooling quickly. Jet was very happy with a quesadilla, and we talked about all kinds of stuff.

It was really fun that the kitchen was just full of recipe magazines and we just had a great time just going over all kinds of recipes and possibilities.

We thought there might be a Special Shapes Glow tonight, and we checked various web cams as the wind was up a little. Finally we left and tried to go there, but didn't get there until the fireworks were already going off, and they didn't even let us go into the parking lot. Ah well. We had ten minutes, then, to make it to the local Costco, and managed it just in time. We got discount tickets for tomorrow's fiesta. It should be fun. But early!! *laughs*

So off to bed.
hope you have fun tomorrow, even if it is an early morning .... and the mountains are very pretty
It was a lot of fun, and yes, the mountains are very pretty.

*hugs you warmly*
Green Chile! Yeah! *grin* I'm really loving the look of that breakfast.

Now I'm hungry.

Enjoy your very early morning.
As usual, it is a delight to read your travel logs. :)

Have a great time tomorrow!
Sounds like you're having fun!

I am amused by the "watermelon pink" comment on Sandia Peak and am assuming that it was intentional. ^____^
Yes! It was entirely intentional, since it was named for that particular effect. *laughs*

We are!