Good News for Bees and Me

Good news, in a way, about honey bees is that they've finally figured out what is happening that created Colony Collapse Disorder. If you want to read the very excellent write up by the New York Times on the research, you can click this link. The NY Times article is intriguing as it details the cooperation of the military with research scientists in order to discover the culprit as part of their efforts to be able to identify any agent working against their men. For those more geeky, nerdy, or just plain wanting more detail. Here is a link to the paper that was published on the discovery.

Good news for me is that I've been having eye problems since about the middle of August, and I went to the doctor this morning with my bottles and bottles of things I've been trying from my optometrist, my allergist, my sister-in-law, and all that (yeah, for being a scientist, I'm awfully unscientific sometimes in my trials on myself...). I told him everything, and then when he had thought a bit, I said, "I really think that my initial problem was with an allergic irritation, but then a real infection has set in."

And he agreed, promptly, and gave me a prescription for a systemic antibiotic to take care of not only my eye, but my sinuses, too and the low-grade fever I had. Ahem. The really amusing thing is that the prescription cost less than the bottle of spaghetti sauce and the gnocchi I couldn't pass up at Target. Whew.
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Sadly, I need to go back to the doc today as it's not getting much better. *sighs* But... hope springs eternal, since I *am* going in. *laughs*
Oh, hooray for finding root causes! Here's hoping the antibiotic cleans things right up.
Sadly, it hasn't, but I'm going back in and maybe a regular pink eye drop will do it. *laughs*

Thanks for the good wishes, though! And, yes, I love root causes. If only the experimental evidence would *support* the hypothesis. *laughs*