Eye Saga Continues... With Zombies

My eye infection came back over the weekend. Went to the doctor on Monday, asked to try just an antibiotic drop, and he was great and humored me, even though we both figured that it's likely a viral infection that just keeps coming back. *sighs*

The drops didn't work.

On Wednesday night, since John had a meeting, Jet and I were doing video games. I had to go upstairs to do eye drops, and when I headed back Jet was coming up. He opened the door, yelped and said, "Mom! Your eyes are red and zombie eyes are red, so you scared me!"

Zombie Moms. That's pretty scary, and kind of cool that he'd make that association. *laughs*

My doctor was cool enough to refer me to a specialist today, and the specialist said that my doc was on the right track. The drops he'd prescribed in October were a steroid to get the irritation down and an antibiotic to make sure I didn't get a *secondary* infection, but that it basically was my body that had to fight off the actual virus, and somehow I'd gotten reinfected. My lymph system in my head is all going great guns, so I pretty clearly have an active infection. I have the drops again, and he's going to see me in a week to make sure that the pressure in my eyes doesn't go up far enough to have temporary glaucoma, so that's all to the good as the pressure is borderline at the moment.

So the saga continues. *laughs* In the midst of trying to do the edits... bah. demented_dee has been really, really amazing, patient with all my appointments, supportive in getting me well again, and encouraging when I've been down. So I really, really am thankful for her as well as myJohn and the Jet.
Oh, gah. I hope things get resolved with your eyes soon. That sound miserable (although that was a keen observation on Jet's part).
Thanks. What he said made sense... that it's just a viral infection that keeps coming back once the steroids go away and my eyes get irritated again. This time we'll make sure that the drops last long enough for my body to take care of ALL of it... whew.

I finally think this is for real. Yay!
That eye thing sounds nasty. I hope it gets better soon. And you're doing a fine job of raising your boy right so that he can recognize zombies by the colour of their eyes at a dozen paces *snickers*.
*giggles* YES! I have done well by my child, and helped insure his survival in a zombie invasion.

Thank you for the wishes!!
During allergy season, I get bloodshot red eyes until my allergy eyedrops kick in. But my kids call it "evil demon eyes". I think zombies are so much cooler than demons.

I hope your eyes get better soon.
I think that's my problem!! As in when allergy season rolled in, my eyes got irritated and then picked up the infection. Whew...

*giggles about the coolness*

Thank you! They seem to be. Whew.
Gah. I do hope your eyes clear up soon, and bravo Jet on rapid recognition skills.
Oh that sounds awful. I hope this nasty thing goes away soon and for good.

Also, your Jet is such a little winner XD
Gosh, I'm so sorry about that. I had something like that happen to a friend once and it turned out to be an allergy.