Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
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Hope everyone had a good one.

We had twelve folks over for the afternoon. Gathered at 3 and had dinner at 4, seven adults and five kids.

I made the turkey yesterday, after a bunch of errands, dim sum, getting my allergy shots, and then accidentally spraying almost all of a liter of root beer ALL over the kitchen. Jet and I were trying to use my new soda machine to make pop, and made the mistake of mixing the syrup in with the water before carbonation. When Jet started taking it off the machine, it started spraying everywhere. I told him to back off, and I just wrenched it off, and the machine flew away from the bottle, there was so much pressure in there, and the contents of the bottle hit the ceiling, the upper cabinets, the far wall, and a good portion of the floor into the livingroom.

All five of us took a good hour to clean it up, and I had to shower as I was completely drenched. *laughs* It was pretty funny, and everyone was really nice about it.

Today I had fun making two kinds of stuffing, sweet potato casserole, gravy, and mashed potatoes. Isabel took care of the cranberry sauce and helped John with the salad. Other families brought green beans, lasagna, and pumpkin pie and it was a lovely, whole meal. Everyone got good and full and said their thanks for all kinds of good things, and things ended around 8:30 so I got to call my family and say hi and Happy Thanksgiving. *sighs sated*

Hope everyone else had a good one!! I need to do more journal entries that are just about what I'm thankful for each day. If you have a facebook account, John posted a bunch of pictures from the feast, and I'm cheerfully sharing them there. *laughs*
Tags: thankful

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