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Wondering what people thought of the latest Bleach chapters? And the special chapter from Hell? I'll admit that I'm hoping that I don't see my favorite Espada in the movie. *laughs* And that some of them did make it to "heaven" as well.

... some Isshin history... and who would be surprised that Urahara has something ELSE under his hat? *laughs*
At the moment the Bleach manga is boring me to tears. Kubo needs to get to something interesting about Urahara and Isshin before I lose interest.

Now, that side chapter? I liked it. ^_^
I have to agree... it's a little like Kubo's going back to slapstick? Bah.

He spent way too many chapters already before getting to the possibility of Isshin... *sighs*

What did you like about the side chapter? I rather liked the interaction between the two Espada and how lovely their rude awakening is proving to be. *laughs*
It was the interaction between Aaroneiro and Szyael that I liked. It's that kind of repartee' I expect from Kubo.
That side chapter was definitely interesting. (Yes, I admit it, I hope that Starrk/Lilinette made it to somewhere better.)

I appreciate KT teasing us, but he'd better give us some actual meat to chew on soon. :)
I'll agree with you on my hopes. *grins*

I really *do* hope he gives us something real soon. *sighs*
I seriously want the dirt on Uruhara, because the new story is just confusing.

As for hell, it kind of looks like another version of Heuvos Natchos so far.

It is very confusing, meandering, and... well, it's like slapstick after the whole last of the other arc just confused me...

Yeah, just a new set of rungs to climb, on that latter bit. I hope there's something to distinguish it.
the latest Bleach chapters
It seems that following Aizen is not enough to get you sent to hell so I am not expecting to see the otherwise "virtuous" Espada either. As for Isshin's story Kubo is dragging it out. I hope it's because of the movie but the way he finished the last arc may mean that it's become a habit now. Isshin knew about his sons interactions with Urahara but considering the stance he took that his daughters were a different story I wonder if he knows about Karin.