What are you thankful for?

Not to do a huge meme thing, but I am curious as to what people were thankful for this last week?

I have the standbys of being grateful I'm still breathing and the health I have, my family and my present relationships with all of them, my long-term friendships and relationships, and just being generally well off. And even oddly grateful for all the friendships I've had, been able to manage making before folks have died this last year, too.

Thanks, all of you that have talked with me and reached out to me, and perhaps found something of me that helped you, too.

I'm very happy for my writing partnership with demented_dee, and all of the Bleach fandom and folks that have supported me in the last three years. I'm grateful to them and all the writing and art people I've found through fandom. It's been an interesting year.

Thank you to all my friends here, I'm grateful for you, you help keep me sane and good.
I'm grateful for you, and for my other friends here.

I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to try crafts, and the fact that I've actually produced some stuff that wasn't too bad. I hope to improve.

I'm grateful for my family, for my job, for my coworkers, for my friends, for the fact that I have a nice little flat full of books and stuff.

I could live without the current temperatures over here, but... I'm grateful for radiators and extra blankets. :)
Mmm... yes. Radiators and warm blankets. :-)

You do some really beautiful crafting work, truly. *laughs* I love your beading and your other interests as well, and I think it's like my painting... having the love for it will fuel even better stuff, but your true interest in what you're doing shines through even at the beginning. And that's always lovely.

Mmm... yay for nice living spaces with plenty of room for books, too. *grins*

I'm very grateful for you as well as all your support, thoughts, and encouragement as well. Wow. *grins* Thank you.
good central heating, comfy chairs and our very own bed: after a lot of travelling (which is always fun) it's nice to just snuggle up and nest for the weekend