Author Meme

The Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets and comic book authors can be included) who've influenced you and who will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Sean Stewart
John M Ford
Lois McMaster Bujold
Shirow Masamune
Patricia McKillip

Tanith Lee
Roger Zelazny
Jim Butcher
ee cummings

Suzanne Brockman
Richard Feynman
Terry Pratchett
Garth Nix
Frank Miller
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does spelling count?
cause I'm lazy and won't likely actually post this myself.

Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchet
Laurell K Hamilton
Kim Harrison
Jocelynn Drake

Vicki Pettersson
Kelley Armstrong
Gail Carriger
Jacqueline Carey
Tite Kubo

Janet Evanovich
Jeaniene Frost
Jeannie Holmes
Brent Weeks
Diana Wynne Jones
Re: does spelling count?
Spelling doesn't count. Ooo... I like your mix... and some of these I haven't heard of, so it's fun to think about researching a bit... Neat!
Re: does spelling count?
lol ... oh good .... cause even though most of them are probably within arm's reach, I was tired and lazy. I do tend to read a weird mix of authors. it keeps things interesting. and there were others. those were just the first ones that came to mind. well, that didn't repeat any of yours. lol. I like Jim Butcher too.
Re: does spelling count?
It was okay to repeat mine. *laughs* You did great with that additional restriction!! And lots of fun things to look at and read later... lovely.
Re: does spelling count?
scary thing was ... I don't think that list took me more than 10 minutes, tops. lol.

check out Jacqueline Carey first. Kushiel's Dart is the first book in the first trilogy. I think you'll like her stuff. alternate history type fantasy with a touch of the divine set mostly in Terre d'Ange. Phedre is ... interesting.
1 heinlein
2 asimov
3 clarke
4 James Blish
5 Edgar Pangborn
6 Patricia McKillip
7 Andre Norton
8 Marizon Zimmer Bradley
9 Poul Anderson
10 Samuel R. Delany
11 Theodore Sturgeon
12 CL Moore
13 CJ Cherryh
14 Fletcher Pratt
15 L. Sprague Decamp

There's actually more, and on reflection and wandering through my library I'd probably remember more names.

...or I could list architects...

I love your classic SF folks here, and yeah, Cherryh and Sturgeon...and the top three on your list I've read so much of, and didn't even think of 'em... *laughs at self*

Mmm... I haven't buried myself in hard SF for a long time, and maybe it's just well past time. I should have also had Vinge (both of 'em) Simmons, and Cherryh but... it always changes.

Love learning your background, too.
Yeah, I know... another fifteen minutes and I'd have had another fifteen more, including Feynman...

Yes, you should name architects!
- William van Alen (Chrysler Building)
- Hugh Ferris (manymany renderings)
- Ray Hood (Rockefeller Center)
- Harvey Wiley Corbett

- Le Corbusier (UN Building)
- Mies van der Rohe (Lever House, American glass towers.)

- Christopher Alexander (design philosopher)
- Charles Moore
- Alvar Aalto
- Thom Mayne
- Greene and Greene

That's not 15, but then architects names are often less known than authors.
I Fail at Spelling....:/
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchet
Laurell K Hamilton
Mary Higgans Clark
Jk Rowling
Art Spegaiam
Ayn Rand
Brian Jacques
Akyra Toymomia
Hiromu Arakawa
harper lee
Egar Allen Poe
Maya Angelou
Khaled Hosseini
Pearl s. Buck
Roger Stern
Re: I Fail at Spelling....:/
*giggles* I utterly fail at spelling too... especially for names, but I *LOVE* your list!!

Really need to see Maya Angelou, she's so strong and amazing, along with Buck and RAND! omg, Rand. *grins*. Poe's such an atmospheric writer, and I love Gaiman and Pratchet. Rowling and Hamilton really did new things with fantasy.

Lovely things to research here, too... mmm... I love new things to read. Thank you so much!
Re: I Fail at Spelling....:/
No Prob! :) spread the love on books!

I just got into Rand...Atlas huge! but so good....

Angelou's poems are beautiful and they will bring to tears...(it did to me)
Re: I Fail at Spelling....:/
I loved Fountainhead...

Every one of hers I've read has been amazing! Very good reminder to look for more.
hmm based on how they've influenced my thinking and development?

ernest hemingway
margaret atwood
robert b parker
raymond chandler
warren murphy

michel montaigne
john keats
kazuo ishiguro
sylvia plath

william shakespeare
timothy findley
oscar wilde
the cast of MAD magazine (we were all 13 once)
bill watterson
Ooooo... lovely list... yes, we were all 13...

And, I think with bill watterson, we were all once 8 too. *giggles*

Neat choices to contemplate! Thank you!