Drabble: Better than Food

Requester: 2metaldog
Prompt: Bleach/SamCham with Grim/Mugen or Ulq/Jin -- "That's my potsticker so give it back before I hurt you."
As per my winter drabbles post.

Mugan ate with the quick economy of the starving. When he reached for the last gyoza, another set of chopsticks intervened.

Eyes narrowing, Mugan looked up, expecting Jin.

Instead, his glare met an equally reckless look in eyes as blue as the summer sky. White teeth met in the belly of the plump dumpling.

"Get yer own," Mugen growled.

"Make me." The grin was feral and oh-so familiar. "I'm hungry, too."

Mugan drew and leaped. Steel rang.

"You're good," they chorused, before destroying the shop in a mutual attempt to kill each other that was far more satisfying than food.
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*bwahahahahahahaha* I could so see this going down. I'm not even sure who'd win, but it'd be hella fun watching the fur fly.
It would!! *giggles* I couldn't figure out which would either and it might not matter. *giggles more*