Drabble: Absolution

Requester: demented_dee
Fandom/Characters: Trinity Blood, Abel & Leon
Prompt: Wake Up
As part of my Winter Drabble call.

Abel studied Leon, who sprawled across the bed, dark hair flung as carelessly as long limbs. Abel brushed his fingertips against dark veins and furred skin, hearing the ebb and flow of each heartbeat, the life and vitality of the man.

Dark eyes fluttered open and focused. "Hey. Time to wake up?"

"Yes, my Dandelion. We have another assignment."

The dark brow furrowed. "Why do you trust me, a convict?"

Abel looked at Leon's face and realized his act would not do. "Because I am guilty, too."

Leon nodded. "If you can forgive me, then why can't you forgive yourself?"
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Lady, you do a lot in 100 words.

Love the imagery, the snapshot of frozen time and all it implies. Love how you took on both the physical and the mental interpretations of the prompt, and am QUITE happy I played the game. *GRINS*

*smiles* I'm glad you find it so...

*beams happily* I'm very glad you played, too! <3