Drabble: In From the Cold

Requester: gokuma
Fandom/Characters: Bleach, Komamura and Hanatarou
Prompt: Warmth
As per my winter drabbles post.

Hanatarou was startled when the huge Captain of the 7th Division walked in, slung Hanatarou up, and carried him into a storm. The snow and sleet slashed at Hanatarou's eyes and skin, until the huge creature thrust Hanatarou under the Captain's haori, against Komamura's chest. Thick fur and the steady beat of the great heart soothed Hanatarou for the ride.

When they stopped by the cliff, under fangs of ice, the great hand pulled him out and patted his head. Hanatarou shivered at the cold and wounded, but heartened by the Captain's warmth, Hanatarou stepped into his fight with death.
*Re-reads it once again*

It's snowing outside today and I kinda wish there was some Komamura who could carry me to my workplace. But I guess - no such luck *pouts*
This drabble is really sweet and I'd love to read a sequel. It's a bit touching that Saijin can protect and respect someone so tiny and fragile as Hanatarou - I guess he'd respect anyone who does his or her job.

*tries to spot Komamura outside her window*
Yes, it would be wonderful to have a big, furry Saijin to take one to work... I'll try to get some of that sadness in another one.

Thank you so much for the request!