Drabble: Helpful

Requester: incandescens
Fandom/Prompts Saiyuki/Bleach Shunsui (and/or others) and misfiled sutras.
As per my winter drabbles post.

Nanao-chan's running commentary slowed, and Jyuushiro's presence faded into contemplation among scrolls and bamboo canes covered in oracle bone script. Shunsui left the two buried in their research when something tantalized his senses.

When he turned the corner, Shunsui gaped at the beautiful golden-crowned blonde in a white dress.

"Can I help you?" Shunsui asked, hopefully.

A very male voice grumbled, "Only if you can find the Vyākarana Sutra. What is this filing system? It's not by radicals."

"It's by kanji."


The violet eyes startled Shunsui into thinking more flexibly about beauty, and he nodded. "Let's look over here."
(snickers) That is great. Thank you.

(Later, Nanao told him in great detail that "I was distracted by a priest on his way to the West looking for a sutra" was his worst excuse ever.)
(No wonder, commented Jyuushirou afterwards, that was the only one that was true.)

Oh yes, the world always needs more Saiyuki/Bleach crossovers. Awesome.
I know little about Saiyuki, but this is a delightful little vignette.
*beams* Thank you! It was fun.

Saiyuki has ridiculously beautiful boys. *laughs* And it was fun thinking of Shunsui agreeing with that thought.
awesome. my two favorites.
shun and sanzo, yeah i can see how that would be distracting for shunsui.
With Shunsui, I wonder how long it took before the paper fan of outrage came out. 1 minute? 2, tops. It probably took a countdown of seconds.

Anyway, that was fun.
Grin. Oh Shunsui. You'd think he'd know by now that there are more types of beauty than there are kanji to categorize them by!