Drabble: An Understanding

Requester: Maya_sd
Fandom/Chars: [Any two: Karin, Urahara, Fuu] + [Any two or three: Mugen, Grimmjow, Renji, Kon]
Prompt: "Nothing left to do but hose the boys down and hope for the best."
as per my winter drabbles post.

Fuu understood shopkeepers: collecting profits, warding off losses, talking up customers, and making sure they were happy. The shadow-eyed man with the striped hat, wearing sandals with bare feet seemed just her type.

Then Mugan waved his sword and burst in to steal food. When he crashed out through a wall, followed by a red head with tattoos and a strawberry blond boy with funny legs yelling something about a freeloader, she was appalled.

When they all threatened the building, Sandals and Hat came with a garden hose. "Want a go?"

Fuu smiled and took the hose. She liked shopkeepers.
Thanks for this; it's so much fun!

And accepting such a generous offer is just the gracious, polite thing to do...the fact that it puts a few ne'er do wells in their place has nothing to do with it, nope not at all.

And perhaps afterward the three boys grumbled and sulked about while Fuu and Urahara enjoyed drinks and takoyaki bought with whatever meager funds were taken off the miscreants in order to pay for damages.

You're very welcome! Hee... yes. I love your addition to it as well.