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Wow. Overtime...

I am so tired today, but I'm glad I stayed up late last night for the Avalanche and Shark's game.

The Sharks came out attacking and were really good and aggressive the first period. It was a near thing and tonight, unlike Saturday, Roy had his luck with him and just stopped a lot of shots.

The second period was kind of weird, as it seemed like everyone backed off a bit. Then with just five minutes to go, the Sharks scored, and then a few seconds later Reinprecht pretty much scored all by himself for the Avalanche. I was very impressed with his effort as it was nearly all individual, taking it all the way around the back and then cutting across the grain for the shot. And then the ice seemed to get worse and worse and worse, so people were just taking shots whenever they had them. I wonder if that was just because the ice was acting so weird they could count on it to give the goalies hives over the strange bounces?

Anyway... the earthquake was kind of funny, as the Colorado announcers were so giddy about having been through an earthquake when all the Shark's fans were just ignoring it for the game. When I heard it was a 5-something, it was like, okay, everyone should be fine.

When it was clear there was going to be overtime, I brushed my teeth, got ready for bed and just as I was thinking of just going to bed anyway Jet woke up. So I nursed him while watching overtime and surprised the hell out of Jet when the goal happened. What makes me grumble mildly is that I'm not sure who the defensemen was that gave the puck to Sakic as no one saw fit to mention him again... when it was Sakic with a perfect pass to Forsburg, who tucked it in.

So the Cardiac Kids do it again in the 'back to the wall' atmosphere they love so dearly. And they do it on the road, yet again. I still remember last year where home advantage just *wasn't* for nearly all their series. It certainly makes it interesting to watch when there is no certainty about what's going to happen next.

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