Drabble: Damage Mitigation

Requester: jnotjane
Fandom/Characters: Bleach and Saiyuki, Byakuya, Yachiru, Sanzo, and Goku
Prompt: "Would you please put your kid on a leash?"
As per my winter drabbles post.

A crash made Byakuya wince as Yachiru flattened a boy in a gold coronet. The boy popped up, arms akimbo, and said, "I can't hit a girl!"

Yachiru chirped, "That doesn't stop me from hitting you!"


The shopkeeper yelled, "Would you please put your kids on a leash!"

Byakuya snorted. A blond man in priest's robes bared his teeth. Both of them advanced on the shopkeeper, who quailed under their attentions.

The blond priest slapped down a gold card. "This should cover any damages."

Smiling, Byakuya planted his platinum card by it. "And this should cover everything they eat."
(snickers) I hate to think which of the two of them will end up spending more.
This was absolutely perfect! Byakuya one-upping Sanzo at the end just made me LOL! Thank you so much for this!
Go Team Bleach! I love the image of ever-polite Byakuya snorting; it fits the ridiculousness of the idea of leashing Yachiru (or Goku, for that matter!) nicely.