Drabble: Tea

Requester: darth_veyda
Fandom/Characters: Bleach and Trinity Blood, Ukitake and Abel
Prompt: Sweets
As per my winter drabbles post.

"Thirteen sugar cubes? Are you sure?"

"Oh, please! Yes, please, I'd really like thirteen sugar cubes in my tea."

"Certainly then." Jyuushiro counted the cubes for the comely young man, in the long black coat, whose hair was as long and white as his own. The eagerness with which he watched made Jyuushiro look at him more closely.

The hunger was there. Abiding, quiescent, like a Hollow but not.

Pale eyes peered anxiously up at him through glasses.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing... nothing..." The sweet smile didn't calm Jyuushiro's thoughts: they only spun faster. So he smiled back and poured tea.

I can see L from "Death Note" at the other side of this table... :)
Uhm. Yes. And polite behavior.

And no one sucking anyone blood involuntarily. *giggles*

Thank you!
Eeks, dangerous misunderstanding territory. Not that Jyuushiro is a vampire. Not that Abel is a Vasto Lorde. But there could definitely be some fireworks.
Yes, indeed. *grins* Lovely possible misunderstandings.

Especially when Jyuushiro slips about being alive for thousands of years. Whew. I love the possibilities.

Thank you!
Have I ever told you how much I LOVE you? ^_^
Thank you very, very much! Honestly, I thought that a text written for this prompt is doomed to be completely, purely fluffy but here you really did the impossible ^_^ Kawaiii!
Hee. Definitely *not* fluffy. *makes the prompt stand on its head*


Glad it pleased! Thank you for asking for one!