jin and mugen

Fanfic: Snowdrops

Requester: mysocalledhell
Fandoms/Characters: Samurai Champloo and Bleach/Jin and Shunsui
Prompt: Snowdrops
As per my winter drabbles post.

Jin left the bounty hunters in the snow, but they'd split the three. He walked into the whitened clearing, watching every shadow.

He never expected the bright pink kimono.

The dark-eyed man who sprawled under it, on thick tatami, two jugs to the wind, looked at him.

"The snowdrops are blooming," the stranger offered, one long-fingered hand deftly pouring more sake into two cups between spread fingers. "Would you care to join me?"

Smooth motion, dark gaze, and the placement of the hat all fed seven layers of probable action, all ending in blood.

Thoughtfully, Jin sat. "Yes. I would."
Yay! Glad you do. Champloo, the anime, is a blast. *laughs* The manga feels less... whole... but I love Jin. *grins*
Excellent- very Jin!You are really doing a good job presenting the personalities with minimal words in these-
Hey! Thank you, very much. I'm very glad of that, sometimes it seems very hard to do. *grins* But it's so cool when it works!
*smirks* Shunsui never needs an actual reason to drink like normal people. Loved this so much. Beautifully executed my dear.
He'll take *any* reason. *laughs* The snowdrops were good enough. *giggles* Yay! So glad you enjoyed it!