Drabble: What To Do?

Requester: arinye
Fandom/: Saiyuki/Bleach, Gojyo and Starrk and the kids
Prompt: Unlikeliest of drinking buddies. Bonus 'squee' for Lilinette and Goku being noisy kids.
As per my winter drabbles post.

The inn keeper didn't know what to do.

The redhead and the one-eyed man both sprawled drunk at a table. That he could handle.

It was the two kids playing tag with leaps from stairs to rafters, tumbles that broke walls, and jumps along the tops of heads. Plus, there was this sound every time the girl disappeared into a blur.

Finally the dark one growled, "Lillinette stop with the sonido! You're splitting my head!"

The red-head groaned agreement.

The girl stilled, pouting.

The boy bounced to the redhead. "Can we fight instead?"

Both men looked and chorused, "No!"

starrk and gojyo. win
lillinette and goku being their naughty selves. win.
well done dear.
*dances about* So glad you found it!

Thank you for the request!! I'm glad you liked this. *grins*
Awww, poor Stark..! He only wants to sleep *points at the icon*
You know you've raised your munchkins right when they ask permission before fighting! ( ̄ー ̄) [and who cares about a little property damage anyway?]