Drabble: Playing

Requester: elfling_eryn
Fandom/Characters: Saiyuki/Kenren and Tsubasa RC/Kurogane
Prompt: Loads of snow
As per my winter drabbles post.

Kurogane didn't play.

Still, when Fai brought them all out to a gorgeous, untouched slope of purest snow, even Kurogane was tempted.

Then a fighter with spiky coal-black hair, long-lashed eyes, and marked forehead appeared, whooped, jumped on a board, and flew down the hill in broad plumes of flying white.

Kurogane gave chase.

He grabbed a sled, ran, and jumped into the slide.

Trees and the bare bones of the mountain proved formidable opposition. Bruising impacts, slashing branches, and the skidding judder of control surfaces that weren’t only made for bared teeth and more speed.

Maybe Kurogane could play.

That was great^^
I really like how you wrote it. A shame we couldn't see more of Kenren, but I now imagine him and Kurogane racing down the slope again and again =D

Thank you very much for this wonderful Christmas present ♥
You're so very welcome! ♥

I'm glad that image worked for you! Hee. I can see Kenren having a *blast* doing that. *laughs*

Merry Christmas!!
To quote from a comment from an entirely different (but appropriate!) fandom... "Penguin sledding -- is that what they're calling it these days?" O;>