The Show

The Showing
Spent most of the morning helping the gallery coordinator hang paintings in the little space that I get for the next month. There were 22 paintings. Had to figure out how to hang two of the frames, and learned the niceties of using wire to hang them on the back.

I'm also completely aflutter about the pricing and maybe it won't matter anyway, though the coordinator, while hanging them said that she thought I'd probably sell some of them, at least. Wouldn't mind making back enough to pay for all the frames and mats, at least, and maybe some for paint and paper. *laughs* I have very modest goals, I'm afraid.

Stick Bug!
This was mostly done on a complete whim and I really liked how it turned out. I think I need to follow more whims... and really just do more painting all in all. I think that my writing time is good incubation time for what I really want to paint, and I sometimes thing that if I got more painting time I might actually get some better ideas for writing, as I think my writing brain is wearing thin lately; but that might just be all the editing finally getting to me.

Spent the rest of the day with allergy shots, lunch, watching Tron Legacy (which was pretty, visually, but a real disappointment so far as any semblance of plot or characters or any semblance of the sort of innovation the first movie had for its time and Jet had the wonderful question of "Why is it called Tron when he isn't really even in it?"), and trying to get the tax documentation together for the show and for the book contract. That was interesting. Played Wii with Jet, and then tried to get business cards together for "Poinky Keputch Studios". A busy day, but I feel like a gerbil running in a cage and not getting anything important done, like actually painting or writing.

Eh... perhaps more than half the job of creation is going things like framing, matting, editing, rewriting, and selling, too. And maybe I just should man up to that, and get it done as part of the job.
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Beautiful work! Wish it was closer so we could see it in person!

And I agree with Jet wholeheartedly about "Tron: Legacy". Too bad--had a good chance to revamp and make a franchise, but *sigh*. Ah well.

Happy New Year to you and the two J's!

Happy New Year to you and your J and N! Hee.

Yeah... ah well... It's fun to be able to take pictures of them, so I kind of have them even if they sell. Whew...
Gorgeous work! It totally deeserves to be sold.

A very happy new year to all three of you, and many creative wishes.
Thank you!

I hope that you and yours have a very very happy new year as well!!

Mmmm... thanks for the creative wishes, and I hope you have good ones fulfilled as well. *dances about*
The show is hung! Will be up for all of January! And there are *prices* on all the paintings, which is driving me crazy, a little. *laughs*
well, you can always use the other method of indicating price without actually displaying it that my gallery-owning friends used - the works were displayed with title and sometimes a number, and then they made up a "catalogue" - really just a photocopied list of the works with title and number and price that sat out on a counter or somewhere obvious for the interested to pick up *smiling* anything sold gets a nice little red dot-sticker on its wall-tag. i'm not sure why this method was used - maybe the artists preferred it not to look like the main focus was on selling rather than showing, maybe it was a holdover from more decorous times when there was a bigger separation, at least in the perceptions of artist and public, between the divine muses and commerce *grins* i've been to shows where you have to ASK the price of a work, and the curator or whoever's in charge murmurs it at you discreetly. *laughing* that approach usually signals the approach of a serious pain in the wallet...
Oooooo... I am not in that kind of show. *giggles*

But it's very cool to see how other people do it and the misdirection between commercialism and aaaught... *giggles*
Oh! You might have an opinion... should I put my chop on a business card? Or is that really kind of like putting my signature on a card I give away? *thoughtfuls* I dunno... been thinking of making cards with the chop for the painting studio... and it might just be unique enough to work in the US...
i think the chop on a business card would look really cool and distinctive - sort of "branding" yourself in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing way *grins*
This reminds me that I totally need to get my hedgehog framed so I can hang it up!
Wow! Helluvan accomplishment, woman! I'm impressed, proud, and pleased as punch for you.