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Phase Shifted Jet

Jet decided to stay up with us and watch the whole game with us even though he'd just been to Haley's birthday party. He actually ate pizza, drank his own juice, ate slabs of ice cream cake and ran around and played until he was so tired he couldn't stand up anymore... but he nursed, woke up during a big play and then walked around the livingroom. He then lay down wherever he wanted, on the floor and would rest for a while before getting up and walking around again or visiting with John or I.

I think he was too wound up to actually get to sleep easily, as it took John half an hour of bouncing Jet to get him to go to sleep. And then Jet was up again at midnight and at 4. At 4, Jet wouldn't go to sleep anywhere but the floor, so I just lay him on a pillow, covered him up in blankets and let him sleep spread eagle. He then slept in until 8! That was pretty amazing.

The other day he was throwing his head back and going "Aaaaaaaaoooooooo!" at the clouds in the sky. He also started, suddenly, pushing the stroller instead of riding in it. He also decided he wanted to push the shopping cart when he and John went to Safeway to get a few things. That was pretty funny for John to suddenly see the shopping cart moving steadily down the aisle without him... but John steered and Jet provided power and John got all the stuff he wanted into the cart. Pretty cool.

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