Winter Drabbles

I think I'm done. *laughs* If I've missed you, tell me?

Here's the complete list:
2metaldog -- Bleach/Grim and SamCham/Mugen -- Better than Food
theablackthorn -- Tsubasa RC, Kurogane and Fai, "Mittens" -- Warmth
demented_dee -- Trinity Blood, Abel and Leon -- Absolution
gokuma -- Bleach, Komamura and Hanatarou, "Warmth" -- In from the Cold
mei_yanohi -- Bleach/Jyuushiro, Mushishi/Ginko -- Meeting
incandescens -- Saiyuki, Bleach/Shunsui "Misfiled Sutras"-- Helpful
Maya_sd -- Bleach/Urahara, SamCham/Fuu -- An Understanding
archangelbeth -- xxxHolic/Watanuki-as-master-of-the-shop, Bleach/Yachiru -- Gifts
sophiap -- Bleach/Byakuy and Yachiru -- Beauty
jnotjane -- Bleach and Saiyuki, Byakuya, Yachiru, Sanzo, Goku -- Damage Mitigation
darth_veyda -- Bleach/Ukitake and Trinity Blood/Abel, "Sweets" -- Tea
mysocalledhell -- SamCham/Jin and Bleach/Shunsui -- Snowdrops
arinye -- Saiyuki/Gojyo Bleach/Starrk -- What To Do?
kiria_dk -- Bleach/Renji SamCham/Mugen -- Snarky
akakaki -- Bleach/Byakuya and Renji -- Warmth
azardarkstar -- Bleach/Ukitake Hitsugaya -- Breathe
elfling_eryn -- Saiyuki/Kenren Tsubasa RC/Kuraogane -- Playing
mayanara -- Bleach Bya/Ren -- Glasses
googlymooglies -- Saiyuki "Don't fuckin' care" -- Embrace Nothing
demented_dee -- Ethan and West "Love ya, kid" -- Ethan and the Piano -- which turned out to be more like 2500 words... but originals...
You didn't miss me, but I am so sneaking in on the next one... :-)
Here I am with many, many thanks again ^_^ Missed all Christmas/NY holidays, but glad to see that you're well anyway ^_^

May I take Tea for translation and maybe save two other requests for next round ^_^?
*giggles* Yes, indeed you may translate Tea! I'd be very happy if you did.

And *giggles* I can save them for next round! *laughs* Though you may have more then!