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Mmmm... rainy day... it's actually raining non-stop and it's only in the mid 70's. So nice...

My wrist is mildly better, which is good. The icing really helped even on the really busy day, and we didn't go in with it. It's getting gradually better as I don't kill it, funny that.

Jet's having a really good week, didn't wake up until 4 last night. I had to get up at 2 to pump and actually got 6.5 ounces!!! For those who followed the breast feeding saga, that is a known high, and quite different from the first several months when I was sometimes lucky to get a tablespoon of milk from a fifteen minute pumping. Jet only ate 4 before passing out, so we have some for the feeding tonight.

Work's good. Another three hours of meetings today, four hours of them yesterday, plus untold tasks, but I'm getting the hang of it. Realized today that half time really helps my mental state as well as my hands. After my half time I'm just done. That's it. Putting the hour cap on what I can do means I plan for more some other day, and I don't kill myself. Quite different than when I was full time, and I'm very glad of it, now. I can play with Jet, cook, or even just play without any guilt whatsoever. I don't know how I made the transition to this, but it's very nice.

In my one on one, I asked Bill what I'd do with my extra hours this week, and we're planning on me tracking it and letting him know if it gets out of hand and then we'll actually plan on me taking some time off. This is good.

<falls over laughing> A phone solicitor asked if my mom and dad was home. "No." <hang up> I love doing that...

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