Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Good Things and Waiting

Yay! In the two weeks that the show has been up I've sold three paintings.

That's been good.

Thing is that the third one was sold to a couple that John and I are friends with, and the wife is undergoing her second round of chemotherapy for cancer. And they wrote me to tell me that they really were amazed by all the paintings, and they bought the one for her birthday. That through my art, I'd given them a brighter day.

That... made me cry, for all the right reasons, I think.

My art mentor said, "There. That's why we share. Now you know you've affected someone with your art for the better."

I thought I was just playing with paint and paper and making pretty things... being able to provide them a bit of happiness when they needed it is far better.

John has been pretty proud of me, too. All the people coming up to me and going, "I never knew you had this in you!" And just enjoying seeing all the pictures.

That's been very cool. And John's really happy that he helped me with the matting and framing, which has been really useful.

My opthamologist gave me two different kind of antihistamine drops to try after the steroid ones ran their course and hopefully I stopped showing bad withdrawal symptoms from them. The Pataday didn't work worth a darn, but the B&L Alaway has been gradually clearing my eyes more and more. They no longer feel like they're getting stabbed in the afternoon.. and the redness isn't nearly as bad as it was a week ago. There's still some irritation, but I'm hoping that with time they'll stop. It's the first real break that hasn't been the steroid drops in months... so I'm finally getting a gleam of light in all this.

Good thing was that the doctor said that the pressure in my eyes dropped from 24 to 20 by just going nearly off the drops. Also that there's no damage to the nerves, no problem with the cornea, and while my lymph system seems to be living on alert, there's no infection anymore. I have a routine of hot compresses and drops that I'm supposed to use, including lots of artificial tears, but that's all something I can *do*... which has been nice to finally get.
Tags: art, health, painting
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