Slow Wins

So my eye is gradually becoming better. It's a very slow deal, and I think I went through one more infection, but it's clearly starting to get better. The following two links are to up-close and gory details of my eye, so you are warned. *laughs*

My Eye in December.

My Eye now. Not entirely clear, but the improvement is significant.

The first month of this year has been... strange. I'm hoping that it's just the wind up of a terribly energetic Year of the Tiger, and that the Year of the Rabbit will be... a bit quieter and more successful for everyone. Please. *laughs*

Spent the morning at church being utterly amazed and bemused by how many people were still stopping me to thank me for putting my paintings in the little gallery there. One person said they thought I was amazing to be an engineer and *artistic* too! All for good reasons. *laughs softly* The grumbling of the engineer next to me made me a little less gracious than I should have been, I'll admit... as yeah... engineers are creative, they kind of have to be, and many of the best mathematicians and scientists I know are also achingly artistic.

Anyway, the interesting thing is the way my internal view of myself is changing with all this feedback about the paintings themselves. Just like when I suddenly realized I might be a "writer" as well as an "engineer" and now I'm contemplating "artist" with some bemusement.

I'm off for a week to Tennessee. I know I haven't been terribly active, but I intend to get to Winter War, Twin Souls, and probably one or two East and West stories while I'm gone. Hope everyone does all right.
Owwww... your poor eye. I'm glad it's improving, though.

many of the best mathematicians and scientists I know are also achingly artistic

Back in college, about half of the orchestra was made up of music performance majors. The other half were engineering and physics majors.
Ooooo... neat to know those numbers of what you knew. Thank you so much!

Yeah... it's gettin' better! *laughs*
"Gaze deeply into my eyes."

"Umm.... No thanks."

Glad to see that it's improving!
*falls over laughing*

YES! Yes. I'm so glad John loves me as I have him check my eyes every morning. *laughs and laughs*

Thank you!
oh good lord ... just looking at that made my eyes water in sympathy. I don't know how you didn't claw your eye out. but it really is looking better, which is good.

have fun with Allie
It is good!! I'm so glad that they are getting better

I am having a great deal of fun with Allie. *grins* Been mostly just sleeping in. *laughs*
Your poor eye! (hugs a lot)

I'm so glad that it's improving -- well, and I'm sure that you are, too.

I know what you mean about internal view changing. I have always been under the impression that I have no colour sense and no gift for art. People's comments about my jewelry and sewing are making me think that I might be wrong -- or, possibly, that it's something which can be developed and doesn't have to stay at zero.

I totally agree that there doesn't have to be a mutual exclusion between engineering and art, or between art and anything. Bah.
*hugs back happily*

Yes! my mood is improving, I think, as I gradually learn the techniques to make things better.

YES! Exactly THAT! And I love what you do with beads, yarn, and I should look for more of your pictures of your sewing as well. You can develop them!

indeed... bah. *laughs* *hugs you*
Hey, sorry to be rude and bump in like this, but I read your comment and... Well, the word 'sewing' lights up like a big red beakon whenever it's written somewhere. ^^;

What do you sew, generally? How long have you been doing it? Do you write about it?
Good to hear the the eye is finally settling down. You had a real zombie look going on there.

I'm amazed (and maybe a little jealous) at the talent that fair bristles off you. You write engaging stories, knit beautifully and paint wonderfully. Toss in that you're an engineer, too, so obviously have brains and.... And you're nice!
Oooo... right... Yes. Jet had it down pat.

I try to be nice!! :-)

Really I do. Hee. The rest is just like black hair and a perpetual tan or something... Yes. I do have them, and I can just try to make the most of them while I can, I think, and have had more opportunity to do so. Not so much under my control as the 'being nice' part... *laughs*

thank you, so much.
Yay for healing!

One of my teaching rants is that engineers and computer scientists *need* to think of themselves as creative in order to deal with problems, especially big ones. And how do my students feed and nurture their creativity? And what can we learn from people who are traditionally creative? You are just a big giant ball of evidence to support my rant.

I *like* being a big, giant ball of evidence. That just totally made my day, lady. *laughs*

And I'm glad you are ranting at them about that!! It's good to have someone that teaches that as well... whew.
hmm that eye is awful.. i got a lump in my eye that lasted several weeks from being around a cat.. not red like yours but just an eye colored lump like something was under the surface.. i have no idea what it even meant cuz i coldn't go to the dr. i've been using Genteal eyedrops and taking Biotin & Lutein and it's been getting better.
Goodness... I'm glad your eye is getting better, too! Sounds like you could at least figure out what to do. That's cool.
Oddly enough (or not) many of the more beta oriented people I know seem to be especially creative. People tend to find it odd because logical thinkers are supposedly very 'down to earth' while alpha oriented thinkers are said to have their heads in the clouds. At least I think that's it.

For me being a logical thinker and a creative thinker goes hand in hand... Or maybe they're just different skill sets whereby each changes the expression of the other.

It's good to hear your eye is healing so well!
Ooooo... I kind of like that.

Thanks! Well, the eye was getting better, but hasn't been "all well" for a while, and went back to the doc and got *more* meds, so we'll see how it goes.
Haha I think I'll settle on the theory that creativity and beta vs. alpha thinking are two different skill sets and the way each of those expresses itself is dependant on the way the other expresses itself.