Cold Cold Cold

It's -3 F (-19 C) and is supposed to get down to -22 F (-30 C) tonight. Jet got today off from school, and will also get tomorrow, his birthday, off as well. He is probably the happiest boy ever. *laughs*

I have a final eye appointment in the morning (and while my eyes are still bloodshot, they're not as bad as in the fall), and while it snowed yesterday, the streets are actually clear and mostly dry today, thanks to sunshine all day and it only being a few inches. It's not the coldest it's ever been since we've lived here, but after 65 F on Friday, it's a bit of a shock.

Nice days to just stay at home, make lattes and hot chocolate, play the Christmas Wii and enjoy the sunshine.
That sounds lovely! Not too snowed in, nice and bright, getting Jet's birthday off school... enjoy the hot drinks and the gaming, and keep getting your eyes better!
It has been a very nice break, and with the sun out, the roads have cleared up nicely as well!
Happy birthday to Jet, and stay indoors and warm! My brother's in Kansas, and he feels your pain.
I'll forward the wishes!

And, yeah, I'll wish your brother some warmth as well. Yeah.. it seems to be covering the whole of the US, really. Whew.