Jet gave me two compliments this last week that I'm rather proud of getting.

One was that he actually invited me to play Super Mario Brothers with his friends saying, "She's really good."

"For a mom?"

"Nah... she plays really good."


The other was, "Hey, Mom, you're really skinny!"

"I am?" I asked, blinking.

"Yeah, you are, for a mom, you're really skinny."

*dies laughing silently as I think of all the moms Jet knows* "Thank you, Jet, I am really glad you think that."


(The other day, my kid found out I had a sword-cane in the closet. She cried, "You are the best mom EVER!" ...Awwwwww! O:D )
You *are* the best mom ever!! Hee. I love it when we're appreciated for who we *are*. *laughs*
Mind, I bet you rank higher on the Best Momming than I do, objectively, but... it is a sweet delusion on my kid's part. O;D
Hey, it's not the job of a kid to be objective about their Mom! So you are the Best! *dances about happily*

*giggles* Yes!

OOO!! And I bought several chunks of the Taza Chocolate you recommended! It is astonishingly good Mexican drinking chocolate as well as for eating... so thank you, so much!