Bleach 436

I'll admit that I'd a falling out with Bleach for a while... this whole last arc has had me going wtf?

But this last episode suddenly made me sit up and hope again.

That last sequence with Ichigo remembering and Chad reminding him that he HAS pride in all the things he did as a shinigami... and that glance of Rukia...

*sighs* I am still a fangirl for the series. *laughs* Pride in what you are, what you choose, what you do.

i am right there with you. i was really upset about this new arc at first. seems they are turning it around. i am glad there is more chad too :) if they could get more quincy action in there i would be even happier.
Yes! I'd like to see more of Uryuu and Chad as well. I'm annoyed as hell by the new characters, still, but... maybe if they could show more of the ones we really like...
I am so thrilled to be seeing more Chad in this, I can't even begin to tell you. Also, I was all verklempt at the bit where he said he had pride in his heritage.
Yes! YES! And his pride in his skin and his grandfather and ALL of that. Whew...

I would love to see more of Chad, too.
Absolutely and totally.

Ichigo has admitted what he is, now he needs to admit what he wants. :)
Yes! I think he's shoved how much he wants his powers back in some deep dark closet. It'll be nice to have him actually go after what he wants again.
Alas, this chapter had the opposite effect on me. I'm going to stop reading until someone tells me that something compelling happens. Preferably something not involving the new characters.