Eyes, Socks, and Editing

Been busy. Jet's doing running club and wearing through socks, his feet are now the same size mine are, so I'm making him socks with the idea in mind that when he outgrow them they're now *mine*.

Had two weeks' worth of single-digit or even below 0° F (-17 C) around here, and a couple of days ago it flipped into 60's (15 C) and everything started to melt again. Dug like crazy in the garden to get rid of the weeds and grasses that were coming back that I really didn't want, and planted green onions and things that would be happy to freeze a few times before spring actually arrives.

I'm contemplating spinach, lettuce, and kale and the like too, but not too sure, but the continuing warm weather is flaunting possible growing season prospects in my face. Bah. Heck, I could even get some things started in the OUR center garden for that matter...

Been knitting and spinning a bit too, lately. The knitting has been at doctor's offices, so I've gotten two sets of socks done for Jet. I've also been spinning a 3-ply for socks and wonder if they'll wear any better than the two-ply Sock Hop which seems to sprout holes faster than I can look at 'em. *sighs*

The eye doc had me back in and he didn't like how the antihistamines weren't really keeping the inflammation under control, so he put me on a weaker steroid drop and will check the pressure. It cleared up like that with the drops, but it's not treating the base causes, as there seem to just be too many to deal with. So we're keeping the symptoms in check and keeping the eye from getting infected, which is good, but I'm going to taper off of these completely for the summer, I hope.

Had another asthma and allergy check as well, and I'm not losing anymore lung capacity, been keeping it even since the start of when I went to see them, so the doctor counts that as a win. I keep wanting more back, though. *laughs* But... maybe I should be happy with the victories I have.

Valentine's Day was celebrated with Jet doing Running Club, Odyssey of the Mind, and us fitting in an orthodontist visit first thing in the morning to take care of a dangling wire. We ended up just going to Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburger's. It's a Kansas-based chain with thin burgers with crisp edges and shoestring potatoes for fries. The custard is all right, but not as good as Good Time's, but the chocolate is better than the vanilla. Both of the boys like the top-cut hot dog buns and we just enjoyed our dinner together, gave each other cards, and I got a tiny box of chocolates and shared them with the boys.

Simple and easy, though Jet got a whole bag of candy and cards from school. *laughs* He liked that.

Been watching Watson, the computer created to answer complex questions, on Jeopardy! with some fascination. I love when they show the decision weightings. It has voice recognition as part of the workings, hearing Alex's voice to determine what the question is. It's fun as I've been following voice recognition back when people were doing research when folks still thought of it as science fiction.

Now very PC ships with a rudimentary version on Windows Vista. On top of that, it's kind of fun seeing my ATM doing pattern recognition on checks, reading what is written by hand, having me check it, but using that information to make deposits easy. Stuff that seemed impossible is now common place, where machines sort and move mail by reading the handwritten addresses on the envelopes. When not that long ago those things were assumed to be only doable by human beings.

It's kind of fun to contemplate...
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I hear both Regia and Opal are really hard-wearing sock yarns - a lot of the German brands, actually.

Two pairs though, wow :D I barely got through one (attention span? What's that?)
I really love Regia! yeah... Opal is pretty too...

I actually uhm... did two for Jet, one for my mother-in-law, and two for darkprism and a pair of fingerless gloves for Chrono since... uhm... November? So... been knitting a lot, I guess.

Onto another pair for me and one sock's already done. Mostly do it while watching TV or waiting for people. *laughs*
Haha, I've been doing a fair bit myself - but something about how long socks take wears at me, I guess. Lots of hats and cowls and half-finger gloves here.
I'm crossing my fingers for you with regard to eyes and lungs, and am very impressed by how the garden is growing. (I was just rereading a load of the Cadfael books - have you read those? - and given that he's the monastery's herbalist, he's always having to dig/care for his garden. Or have his apprentices do it. Clearly you need a hefty apprentice. :))
Ooo... I've heard of Cadfael and know that they're books I'd be interested in... Even more so now...

YES! I need a hefty apprentice, though John does well enough, especially when it means working compost into the raised beds. *laughs*

*hugs* Thanks for the wishes, too.
Well, if I spot any of the Cadfael books in a charity shop (it's astonishing how often they turn up there), I will see about snagging them for you. (Two birds with one stone - books for you plus donation to charity!)

Mmm.... digging in the garden. It was warm enough yesterday that I could open some windows, and the smell of wet soil was intoxicating.

We had a relentless winter, with none of the random 60 degree days that are usually peppered throughout December and January. Now that it's warming up a bit, I'm very much looking forward to going out and getting some prep work done.
Yes! It smells and feels so much like spring right now I really want to be out there, but just know that I'm doomed if I do anything other than the frost hearty things at the moment.

It is a relief when the weather finally breaks. I hope you get good gardening time, too!
Yay for a decent dinner, yay for retaining lungs, boo for holes in socks, and as for gardening... You're a better person than I am! I think of how cool it would be to have a garden, and then I think of going outside to mess with it, and wonder if there are any local gardeners I could just buy seeds for and share in the harvest. >_>
Hee. I do that for a couple of the neighbors. The one right next door used to come and pick green onions, tomatoes, and a few of the ever-present zucchini. *laughs* It was good that they did, too as we were producing too much.

There's one neighbor that keeps honeybees, too, so they trade honey for spinach in the spring, tomatoes in the summer, and carrots in the winter. *grins* I love that.