Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Weekend Getaway

Ran off to Seattle for the weekend, for a friend's 50th Birthday party. The funny thing is that we're flailing as to what to eat while we're here and what to see while we're here, and coming to the conclusion that there is Just Not Nearly Enough Time for Anything.

Okay, other than Trader Joe's, a trip to the teriyaki shop for the One Sauce that we all love, a visit to an Asian buffet, Samurai noodle for dinner tomorrow along with a fly-by of Uwajimaya on the way, a trip to Daniel Smith's art supplies for a seminar on how to show art work, and all the things we had to do today to make Gumbo d'Herbes for the Mardi Gras themed birthday party that was going to be in the Big Easy until we all conceded to reality. So I'm thinking it's going to go all night. *laughs*

We flew in yesterday, will fly out again on Sunday. The funny thing is that it snowed the day before we got here, and it's now *sunny* of all things and it looks like it will remain that way until we leave. *sighs* And here I wanted the rain. *laughs* I do love my in-laws as they engineered time for Jet to play at a playground while I got to stay in the warm house and cook for a few hours. Nice to have relatives that understand me.

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