Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Still tired...

Joan noticed that Jet's molars on the upper side feel like they're really jagged through the gums. Which is why he's probably having bad nights. He had a good night Friday night, but then Saturday he was up from midnight til 4, struggling to go back to sleep. We'd lie with him and he'd be climbing us, and try to sleep on us and then fall over to the side and nap for five minutes to an hour and then wake up unhappy again. We split the time between us, and then John and Jet slept out in the livingroom until about 8. Then I took over. When no one could go back to sleep, we went to church and Jet played and played until he fell over on the way home, and then we all slept for three hours. Whew.

Church as a way to tire the kid out enough so he can nap so everyone can nap. That's pretty funny.

Anyway. Last night was better, but Jet was up three times, once for an hour, but he was happier that hour. He and I ended up sleeping on the floor of his room, and he was rolling around a bit as his nose was mildly stuffy but not blowable, so he was having problems breathing but there wasn't really all that much we could do about it. After wrestling with the full sized pillow (which is nearly futon sized for him) he finally fell to the floor and slept until about 8.

The eating adventures started, actually, on Friday, when John was piling up dirt for the new driveway. He'd made this nice, bit fresh pile of mildly damp dirt. And then, just like Fezzik used to do, Jet ran towards it and flung himself, bodily, onto the soft, happy pile of dirt. Then, unlike Fezzik, Jet buried his face in the dirt with his mouth wide open... and then started spitting... I'm glad he didn't *like* the experience too much.

Then Saturday morning, while I was taking a shower, John and Jet studied, together, a dead moth that was in the house. With the migration happening, there are usually a dozen or so big moths in the house at any one time, and they occasionally die from beating their wings on the windows or the heat or whatever. I was mildly surprised that John didn't pick it up and throw it away, but he might have gotten distracted by something. The next thing John saw was Jet walking away from the site where they had studied the moth, and John saw that Jet's jaws were moving. "What are you eating?" asks John. Jet looks up a John, and carefully reaches into his mouth and pulls out a wing. Jet gravely hands it over to John, who is doing a good job of not freaking out and not laughing and basically not giving Jet anything to think that this is a cool thing to get the Parents to react... then Jet hands John the other wing with an air of assurance, or as John put it, "You'll know what to do with this."

Then Jet stomps over to the pantry, opens the door, and pulls out the HUGE bag of Pepperridge Farm goldfish and starts eating the little crackers with two-fisted determination. So he probably didn't *like* the taste of moth body. I don't think it's anything more than a bit of protein, as we haven't sprayed any of the insects and there's no bait or poison out at all. So it's just a little squicky but safe.

John debated not telling me about the little adventure. But he finally did, and I laughed so hard Jet started making worried sounds.

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