Editing, Gardening, and SCIENCE

Been slowly drowning in editing. *laughs* One last pass before our editor gets a go at it, and the book's going to be out in July. The beauty of this pass has been that we're catching things we probably hadn't been able to see a few months ago.

It's been nice getting another few thousand extra words out and putting in a few more to make some passages mean more what they should have meant.

I've also started my garden, and needed to make a gardening entry so that I can see it for next year.

Got lettuce, spinach, radishes, sugar snap peas, garlic seed and onions into the ground. The wild grasses are a REAL pain, as they're difficult to differentiate from the onions, and I'm half afraid to pull them out sometimes, as they look so much like the garlic until they're far enough gone to make it difficult to pull them up. I still have to prune back the wild roses and raspberries, but it's really time.

Also planted Pansies in a fit of Spring Fever. We're still likely to have lots of Frost and maybe, just maybe, one last hard freeze, but I'm hoping we don't. The beekeepers have been abuzz with activity already, and the pesticide discoveries have been flying about. More deaths of bees are being attributed to some pesticides that the EPA didn't look at nearly closely enough.

Also been teaching Jet's class about circuits. Did two whole experiments today, John did two last Friday, and I could probably have done two last Monday as the kids have already been introduced to them, and are taking to it like ducks to water. On the repeat they're getting more of the concepts, I think, and it's fun to watch them all just Get It and see why a light bulb lights or a motor whirs. I'm The Science Mom and I kind of like that. *laughs*
I was looking at my garden earlier, through the wet, grey haze and thinking it was almost that time of year again. It's hard to be motivated when it's still raining nine days out of ten, though.
Yes, it is difficult, then... we had a string of 60 degree days with sunshine so I was feeling that it had to be spring. Of course we have ice and frost now... *laughs* and cloudy skies.
We had a handful of sunny days scattered here and there, but it's mostly been wet, wet, and more wet. And it's almost April, sigh.
I will admit that I wish we had some rain here. We haven't for a very long time, but that's typical of high desert.
And conversely, rain for half the year is pretty typical of a temperate rainforest. It still gets a little wearing by March, though.
But the question is, Science Mom: will you use your powers for Good or Awesome? :-)
Hee! My friend, a second grade teacher, uses that question to steer his young charges while making it sound like there's a choice. :-)