A Flood of Updates

But I actually finished it in a quiet moment, and feel pretty good about how it went.

First the outline:
Out line

Then after three or four shading layers:
Intermediate layers

And the final painting:
That's lovely. The shading and the pink on the flowers is beautiful. (The rest is also gorgeous, but it was the flowers that really caught my eye.)

... and I just read your other comment... yes, I do like it!

I don't suppose that you'd care for any sort of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or similar? :)

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*giggles* You just sent me a lovely shipment of books. So I'd be very, very happy to just send this to you. Which isn't to say that I don't love your jewelry efforts, but... *laughs* I like when the paintings go to a good home.

I was very happy with how the flowers and buds turned out.
Thank you!! With so many layers it's easy to cover up what mistakes I do make... *laughs* which I'm entirely unused to with my regular style of painting, so it's nice.

But I do love how it's possible to layer on deeper and deeper shadows. It's really fun to do.
Oh, that is lovely! I love the crispness of the line and how it plays against the softness of the colors (I especially like the way you worked the green into the bark).
Thank you! It was quite a revelation in some ways, as all the shading's done with a stroke of color and then a wet brush used simply to wash the stroke on in whatever direction one wants. So it's *all* very soft compared to the very decisive lines of the all-at-once painting style.

I enjoyed it enough I want to do more. *laughs*
*beams* Now I'm thinking of doing something like this for journal covers now that I have the watercolor base paint stuff that I can put on hardcover books.