I Have a New Haircut

I'm going to Biloxi next week, and I have been planning on giving my hair away to Locks of Love for a while. Last Sunday, someone sat me down and said, "Wouldn't it be nice to not have to deal with your hair while you're working on houses in Biloxi?"

And I think she was right. So I went into a local studio and had it cut off. demented_dee gave me a number of references, and I love what I ended up with.

It's the first day of Jet's Spring Break, and we did a lot of Mechaton, video games, and gardening. We also went to the grocery store and found Blue Bell ice cream! It only just showed up here, and there are several fans of it already in the Biloxi crew, so it was wonderful to find it for relatively inexpensive prices in our own freezers.

First the pictures of the old hair...
My Old HairMy Old Hair

And now the new cut!
My New haircutMy New haircut

It is quite the change from what I had before. And I think my neck and shoulders aren't quite sure what happened, yet.
Cute! I've NEVER seen you with short hair before!
*beams* Hey thanks!! I've had it a few times, done four or five Locks of Love donations, but... it's not been this short for 2 years. *laughs* So it's nice to have it work well!
It's adorable! I mean, you're adorable anyway, but the haircut works both as a haircut for your face and for your personality. Also, looks nice and easy to manage. Hope you continue to love it!
Yes. I specifically asked for something that I wouldn't have to "product" or do much prep for as I just don't have the interest to do that stuff.

Thank you so much! It's always good to know that other people like something that's just a "big change" to me. *laughs*
It looks very nice! And also easy to take care of, which is something I consider a real advantage.
Yes! Exactly why I thought it might be a good thing before heading off to Mississippi!

Thank you!
It looks lovely! I have to say it took me a while to get used to not running the brush all the way down when I cut mine lol.

But it's really nice and suits you :)
Oh, I love that! I especially like the shaping in the back.
Yes! The stylist did a lovely job of that! I almost want her to bring it up over my ears in the front, too... to match...

But thought I'd wear it like this for a few days at least, to see how it goes.
Isn't it amazing how much hair /weighs/? And you never really notice until it's gone. :)

P.S. Very cute!

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It is!! My shoulders and neck are just *aching* with the weight they don't have to hold up anymore. *laughs*

Thank you!
Looks good! That's about the same length I donated to a similar association in the UK a few years ago (but I am never growing it that long again XD)

I donated this just two, maybe three? years ago... should probably look through my LJ to figure out when... but yeah, it grows fast. So I'm kind of used to it, and I think it gets that long through benign neglect on my part more than anything. *laughs*
Super cute! You'll use less shampoo too (but it might take a bit to figure that out when you pour).
I still tend to think of you as having electric blue waist-length hair. Apparently that left an impression. This cut looks good on you, though.

If only I had hair left to donate. Sunny and Dilly have lots, but of course they aren't qualified. We know someone who wants to try their hair as a deer repellent, so it will find a home anyway.
*giggles* I think that hair left an impression on quite a few folks...

Yeah. Turns out that hair with gray or white in it they actually sell to defer their costs. So I'm more indirect than direct, but it's okay anyway...

Hey, maybe I'll just turn it all electric blue again... and when it's this short it'll grow out pretty quickly.
new look
I hope we recognize you tomorrow a the airport. Looks wonderful and should be cooler in the hot weather! Isabel and George
Re: new look
I hope you do, too!! I hope it will be good in cooler weather. Thanks!