Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Hump Day

Even my aches have aches, and the bug bites have splinters.

*laughs* We got a lot done today, too, but it was one of those days where I really felt like I was just slogging through. One more nail. One more board. One more glue tube down. *laughs*

I did start with flash and zing, however, as I had to go after every nail head we shot that didn't go all the way flush into the firring (the boards we were putting on outside the stucco to be able to nail the new siding to) had to be flattened down flush to the wood. I was given a power grinder and told to take down every nail that stuck out.

Feeling a bit like a Japanese metaphor, I did so.

The interesting thing with the grinder is that it basically grinds away the nail head, and I can see it get so hot that it turns red and melts away at the grinder wheel. The resulting sparks are bright red and made of tiny flakes of molten metal and when the sparks actually bounce off a wall back onto me, I felt them. After my shower I realized the tiny red dots on my skin were probably where I got burned just a little bit. It was funny to see it that way.

I had metallic dust covering most of my right arm by lunch time. *laughs* And John Parsons was very sweet and helped me move around the extension ladder, and supported the ladder and me with good advice as I was getting up and down the ladder and passing the grinder up and down as I needed. There were a few reaches to either side of the ladder that would have made a more nervous person even more so. I did just fine with them, and kept my weight on the ladder and didn't take any undue risks.

Our beginning attempts had a lot more nail heads sticking out than later ones, though some of it was a bit more dependent on the texture of the stucco underneath. We helped fill in the side wall, the front walls, and the roofers were framing two windows up in the attic and they were doing some of the framing on the firring. They cut the supporting boards, and John and I went up on the roof to help glue, shoot, and then grind down the nails up there as well.

Harry was amazing and bought us Popeye's for lunch, and surprised me as they did shrimp and crawfish po'boys, stuffed crabs, and catfish alongside the chicken. We had the sides, plenty of soda pop, and even hush puppies. It was a truly wonderful lunch.

A few of us were saying that we should extend our stay for another week just for the sake of the amazing lunches. *laughs* Amy and Donna and Gary did the front door, the odd entry way to the corner. John Parsons, Jim, and Christina really concentrated on the roof and the attic windows until Christina got hurt in the afternoon. She got hit so hard in the leg that it swelled up big, and scared Donna and herself, but luckily both Lysa and Carol are professional nurses. They got it elevated, iced, and the worst of it went down.

Donna also did a bunch of concrete work for Gary, getting out the bad stuff, and then putting new concrete down.

Clay did a lot of the setup for the siding. We can't side until an inspection and they weren't going to inspect until we were ready to side, so we really pushed everything around the sides of the house to get ready for siding. Clay managed to do all the starter boards around 3/4 of the house, and the last wall Russ and his helpers had half taken out and were putting back in. There's two more windows to frame, and that should be it for the framing work.

Hopefully the inspector will be in tomorrow morning, and then we'll be unleashed on getting the roof on and the siding up. We've spent three days 'prepping' so that we can do it. It's hard to think of all that siding going up on the whole house in just two days, but given how big the pieces are, and the fact that it'll only take a few nails per board, it should go fast once Clay gets the fiddly detail edge work done. Plus, nearly all the siding we have has been painted thanks to Carol, Jennifer, Summer (the daughter of the owner of the house), and Harry himself. So there shouldn't be much painting other than touch up once the stuff is up.

We cleaned up at 5pm, and headed back to the dorm. Stepping into the building we all went, "Oooooo..."

All Gathered
Jennifer and her crew left early to get back to make dinner for everyone. Baked catfish, cornbread studded with bacon, hush puppies, and a huge fresh salad were all absolutely wonderful. The food was amazing, and it was great to not have to go out and do the restaurant thing, or get back so late. It was wonderful to actually sit down together at the tables, and just talk. So I was able to talk with Jet, Allie, and DAWGS on Y!Gal.

Of course I then got roped into a beer run with John and Russ, and I got my treasure, which is a 5 pound bag of White Lily flour! *laughs* I'm now really happy, as the SW baggage limit of getting two bags, each 50 pounds really is nice.

It's now fun talking with one of the directors for the mission, that saw the mission first disbanded in the 50's because it was really pushing racial equality back when it was really bad to do so. The congregation pretty much imploded from the reaction to that, and the mission, however, stayed on. The quote: "It's like being a mosquito at a nudist colony. There's so much to do we don't know where to start."


I love the missions quote from Micha: "Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly."

It's the answer to what God requires of all of us. There's a lot there. *grins* I'll just walk slowly, today, as I ache... I think I need to take a few ibuprofen and find my bunk. G'night.
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