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Today's actually pretty good.

Jet slept enough, and we went to sleep the moment he fell asleep, so we're doing okay on the sleep department. I find that if I go a week on the schedule of sleep when Jet sleeps and wake up when Jet wakes up, I actually am pretty coherent and in an okay mood. It's when I stay up later, writing my regular journal, reading, or watching Aves games, that I get really cranky.

Luckily, the Red Wings are on the East Coast, and all the games are going to be earlier. I was pretty worried when it was settled that the Aves and the Red Wings were going to play because the only series I'd ever seen them in together was the 1997 series, which was just bluntly brutal, bloody, and more exhausting to watch than fun. But there's been enough turn over, it seems, on both teams to make this series less awful, and the refs might be calling things a bit tighter. Whatever the case, the first game was a great testing out of both sides for the first two periods, and then the Avalanche, as usual, fell down when it didn't really count.

I'm done with my last major assignment. I have a few code toys to play with, now, and the release has five more weeks until it's done, so things are all winding down. I'll have to wind up again in a few weeks to get the specifications for the next round of things, but they're actually *planning* on giving me and my guys less work for the next round as we're losing one guy to the engine and coding side of the fence. But it's good to relax a bit, but also mildly perplexing in that I feel like I'm 'not doing anything' with all my time not filled up anymore.

The changeover is happening. It's going okay. My new boss called me this morning and we talked, and it worked out pretty smoothly, other than me forgetting that 10 am her time is actually 11 am my time so I had to put an emergency call to Joan to keep Jet until she had brought Alex home. She was okay with that, so I was saved, and we moved the 1:1 to my 10 am, and her 9 am, so it'll be first thing for the week. It should be very useful for the next release, as my 1:1 is usually where I figure out what I'm going to be doing for the next week. So that works out pretty well.

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