*falls over*

Uhm... whoof.

Finished the pass from KIL Kenny from Torquere.

Going camping this coming weekend, and Jet's last day of school was yesterday. We're still in the throes of figuring out schedules and how things are going to work this summer. We've already realized that it's a very very good thing that Jet can go swimming on his own, that he is willing and wants to mow people's lawns for money, and that we have enough small trips planned this summer that it's going to be a little insane. *laughs*

I'm finally able to come up for air. Whaaaaa....

Though Jet found out that the fourth Pirates movie is coming out and wanted to see the first three. So for three days in a row we watched the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, and now "Hoist the Colors" is utterly stuck in my head.

And, as you can tell, I'm typing again. *laughs* So, yeah, working on Winter War, working on Twin Souls are both things on the docket, though book things with David and West and the book immediate subsequent to the book we've publishing kind of have priority. Allie and I have worked out a schedule and deal now that the together edit pass is over where I'll be working on my things on Thursdays and Fridays and weekends when I can find the time, so I may well start up Wars again when I actually am taking the days for writing. This weekend, however, will be camping, and the next will be San Diego. *headdesks*
Have fun camping! Or, at least, don't have too horrible a time... (The days when I considered camping to be fun are long gone, I fear. >_> )
It should be a blast, really. Lots of kids and lots of parents and I should be able to get some hiking and reading and hopefully some writing in as well! *grins*
Enjoy the camping! Very glad to hear that you're feeling better and that the pass is finished.

Yeah, just two copy editor passes to go... the big one is done. Whew...

So three of their people going over a manuscript that we went over four times. I just never thought it would be THAT many editing passes, but now I know!
Ohh, camping sounds like fun. I hope you have a good time. And /worries. Are you all right?

Also, wow! That's a lot of writing you have planned. You're a great writer, though. So I look forward to getting the chance to catch up on Twin Souls and read Winter War.

What kind of book are you publishing, by the way?

And I apologize for just jumping right in and intruding on your lj already ;;
Uhm... *laughs* I've been having a few physical problems, with eyes, shoulder, hands/wrist/arms... and they're gradually getting better, I think.

I'd love to see what you think of Winter War and Twin Souls!!

The book is a m/m BDSM hardcore romance with Torquere, written with demented_dee. They'll be publishing it in July! I'm impressed at how much work Torquere is putting into it, and the characters are really interesting guys, one's an ex-Special Forces guy who's turned bartender, and the other's a Professor who was raised in a police family.

And no need to apologize! I've been kind of "away" myself lately, and need to get back in the habit, and you're providing a fine incentive! *grins*
Ack! Then I'm very glad to hear you're doing better. I hope you continue to see improvement, and don't stress yourself too much!

They are definitely on my to read list for this summer <3

Oh, wow. The characters, they sound awesome. And it seems like an intriguing kind of story. Albeit, I don't read very much BDSM, but I'll definitely check it out anyway. Because, hey, it's always fun to read something different.