A Very Tasty Trip to San Diego

Home again home again... and missing the ocean and the amazingly diverse food. *laughs*

The whole trip was mostly eating at the restaurants we most miss and visiting the various beaches and walking through the amazing zoo. This year we didn't do Legoland, but thought about it.

We hit El Indio's, the amazing Chinese banquet place Mom and Dad always take us to (fried tofu for Jet, shrimp and broccoli, a "hollow heart"ed vegetable dish, jellyfish with chicken and bean sprouts, shao long tong bow (which has soup in tiny dumplings), roasted shoulder of pork, and a fried catfish with bamboo shoots and shitake mushroooms. All ended with a coconut soup with tapioca and taro.), In and Out, the lovely Opera bakery (almond croissants to die for, amazing quiches, and I had my favorite eggs Benedict while Jet noshed on one of their crepes), Thai food, and seafood at the Point Loma seafood company.

Me!  Boogie boarding
We mostly stayed out on Mission Beach, though we walked Mission Bay the first night we were there, and Seaport Village just for the fun of it on the last day. We spent time at La Jolla Shores as well, and enjoyed the sand, the water, the waves, and I happily went boogie boarding for the first time in years. It was really great to be able to catch waves again.

It was oddly intimidating to get back into the sea. It's been a while, and the water is big and moves fast and is always colder than I first think when I go in. *laughs* but having both of my boys with me made me mildly ashamed that I wasn't in as quickly as they were. But it was so nice once I was in and acclimated. Cool enough and the steady swells were comforting.

There was one time at La Jolla Shores where the edge drops off pretty quickly and the swells only go a few dozen feet out from the shore. Jet and I reached the easier, smoother waters beyond the waves together. While we were going out there, Jet told me, "Look, Mom, just duck your head and you'll go *under* the wave! It's fun!"

So I did. Remember what it was like as a kid, remember what it was like on a Boogie board, or even the surfers going under the really big waves when the broke on other shores. It was fun and a little funny to follow Jet's instructions for something I'd first done when I was his age. We moved out from Indiana to Southern California when I was 10, right before 5th grade.

Jet also bought a kite at Seaport Village, which was pretty cool. It's called the Atom and it's a tiny kite that flies the best in steady, high winds! Which is kind of unusual for kites. Most are made for low winds so that they're easy to get up and will stay up steadily. This one bobbed and wove and dipped and played. Jet has been mowing enough lawns that he bought it with his own money once he determined he wanted to get one.

It was nice to get back with the family and just talk some. See Kathy with all her camera equipment and Dad with his calligraphy and Mom with her paintings and all hte types of food she wanted to make for Jet. She bought a whole box of mangos for Jet and I and prepared breakfast for Jet nearly every morning trying to tempt his appetite with pancakes. That was fun.

And we got to see quite a few sunsets, which were really beautiful. That was very nice, and I enjoyed the little trips to the park, the Mt. Soledad Cross, and Bird Rock.

It was relaxing on the most part, though chasing everyone everywhere meant I didn't get much writing done.

And for all that I miss the water and the food, I'm pretty glad to be home. The sugar snap peas have gone crazy and we now have a lot of peas already ripe on the vine. The spinach is about done with the heat, and the tomatoes are starting to flower and fruit! Whew. And the days have finally gotten warm here, with highs in the 80's and thunderstorms in the afternoon.
Lovely sunset shot. I continue to be impressed by sunsets on the west coast, and not just because I'm so much more likely to see them than I was sunrises on the east coast. Although it helps.

The spinach up here is amazing right now. I didn't know that it could grow so big or so quickly. It's good that *something* likes the continued cool weather. The peppers, on the other hand... *sigh*
It does help! Immensely. And seeing the sun setting over the water is a treat for us, though I'll admit that watching it set in the mountains here is pretty nice too. *laughs*

I envy you your spinach in spades. Ours is now bolting as it's too hot, though one local intrigued me as she grows spinach here in the winter, under glass, but... it's doable with all the sunshine here even in the winter!

But lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, all like the cool, too. Yum.

Poor peppers.
It sounds like an exciting fun trip~! Glad to see you had a good vacation. And that is a beautiful sunset picture - and the waves! Nice photo-taking.
Thanks! It was a lot of fun, and I really do enjoy taking photos.

Wow... cool to see that you folks are speedficcing again! Lovely quotes as prompts and originals to boot! I guess I should show up on AIM some night. *hugs*

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*hugs back* We'd be glad to have you. I know we're planning a Sunday group speed-fic night this weekend, if you're not too busy.

Also! Saw the post about your anniversary~ I hope you two had a good one. Dinner out sounds fun ^^
*giggles* It wasn't quite our anniversary as the husband was counting days, not years... so it was pretty interesting.

Thank you so much!!

I show up on AIM, then? I'll try and see you then.
Whoops! My brain must have more dead than I thought it was last night xD But still! That's really sweet and special. Counting days and not years, that does sound interesting.

Hope to see you sometime this weekend!
Man, nothing beats an afternoon boogie boarding or body surfing, then going to El Cotixan or Robertos and getting a carne asada burrito.

By late High School I usually went to PB rather than La Jolla - longer beach, so longer to ride.
Totally! Yeah, the picture is from Mission Beach, just south of PB. *laughs* It was so totally worth it. And now all the Robertos are little independents and they're *fun*. *laughs*

I *miss* being able to just walk to the beach from high school. *laughs*