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Small Fortunes

The days go by with so little to mark them these days.


Today John posted on Facebook the following: Happy Tipping Point Day! As of today, you have been married to me longer than you have been not married to me. Here's to the next 8,711 days and beyond! Love you!!!

Wow. Lots of days all adding up. And now I've been married longer than I haven't, which is very very cool, and has been every kind of blessing. *giggles* [Edited for a Change of Plan!] Hee! We are going out to eat together, tonight! Yay!
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Aww... So sweet!

We have *such* a long time to wait on that one. We'll have to invent something else.
You do! You do!

It was just funny for us. You'll certainly have to invent something else for you two!
That is awesome! Congratulations. :)

*ponders* We must be hitting ours this year or early next. I don't think I'm enough of a math geek... he has past his tipping point, mine is coming. I think.
Thank you!

Hee. John just used Excel... <date> - <date> = <Number of days>.

Made it *easy*. *dances about*

I think I like best that it's not our anniversary in the least. Just nearly a random date...

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Appearing out of the woodwork to say congratulations!

I have a little way to go before we reach that point, about another 6 years, but I'd never really thought about it that way before. It's a really sweet idea :)
Thank you! I appreciate it very much.

It's a really fun idea! And not at all traditional, which I think is why I loved it.
Congrats! (And yeah, I went *blink* a while back, when I realized that I'd been married for longer than I'd been alive when I met ze spouse... It's cool!)

Have fun on the eating out!

(And thank you for the V-gift!)
Wooohoo!! It is cool!

Thanks! It was very good.

And you're very welcome! It was fun to send, and I thought of you.
If you count our UNmarried time together, I've reached that, though Brad still has a bit to go. If it's MARRIED time, well, that'll be a bit. :)

Happy Tipping Point Day!
awwwww ;-) I realised Simon & I met nearly 20 years ago the other day...
Oooooooo... very nice... Congratulations to you two as well! It's just cool knowing the long relationships work.