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Noodle Soup

There is nothing that feels as good when I have a head cold as a big bowl of steaming hot ramen. I used the Penzey's beef broth (no MSG), with a splash of fish sauce, mirin, and sesame oil for the broth. Added just the cooked noodles from a package of Top Ramen. I also added a double handful of spinach, a thinly sliced scallion, and a ripped up slice of... pastrami. Hee. It was all I had for thin lunch meats.

It was yummy.

So Jet's sleeping problems seem to actually be a combination of a head cold, which I am now experiencing and I can tell you it really sucks to not be able to breath, and a bit of teething, and a big chunk of separation anxiety. They say that between one and two there's usually some period of really intense anxiety.

candle_light's commentary helped out in that we moved one of our futons into Jet's room. I turned on the air cleaner and vacuumed the hell out of the mattress and then covered it up with sheets and blankets and stuff and now Jet sleeps on a queen-sized futon, sometimes with John or I with him until he's good and asleep. He's sleep much better since, and when he gets up it's usually a matter of minutes to get him back to sleep. It helped knowing that he had an actual cold, too, as Dimatapp worked much better than Ambesol. Poor guy. We had to do a little experimenting before we hit on the real thing.

It kind of helped that I got his cold, as then we *knew* it was a cold. It kind of sucks to have his cold as... well... I now have a cold. Ugh. Though Jet's been great today and taken a good, long nap. I got a good, long nap, too. Yay! And I might just sleep until he wakes up again.
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