flying snow

Home Alone

We were going to go to a little local amusement park tonight. Jet had invited a friend, and John and i were just going to walk around and escort the boys to all the rides and let them have their fun.

I decided to stay home instead and am glad as the late sun slants golden over my desktop, the aspens quake outside my window, and the wind whistles through the house.

I have an art show that'll be putting up six to eight of my paintings for five months at the local hospital, and a sidewalk art show that I really need to get busy to do a lot of the little 8x10 paintings as they sell well on an instant's decision. So readying myself to paint again by doing little doodles.

Dad was very cool and had his calligraphy master do both the slightly script and full-script versions of my name for me to practice with. I'll be able to sign my paintings after that. It'll take me a while to learn though. So I tried it for a while.

I've been reading the Troubleshooter series by Suzanne Brockmann, and it's all of SEAL Team 16 (fictional of course) and all their support personnel in the other agencies doing all kinds of assignments and having romances all over the place. The military heroes in the books are not always believable, but they are very definitely Romantic Heroes. I like the swirl of World War II memories as well as some real world nastiness to leaven it all. There's one really rocky romance that just gets touched on in each book, and it's tantalizing and frustrating as hell, and seems to never, ever get resolved, even as all the other men fall like ducks in a shooting gallery. *laughs*

It's a fun escape, and Jet's fun as well, when I can play with him. He mowed the lawn this morning, and then arraigned a lot of his aquarium in the afternoon. He can't fill it or put fish in it until after our July road trip, but he really wants to put it together. So that was good.

I took a long walk on my own, just watching the thunderheads move to the East as the sun slid behind the mountains. Loved the trees and the lawn sprinklers going, cool spray on my feet against the heat of what's now full-blown summer.
Simple solutions to complex situations
I like the idea of Seal Team i that deals with imaginary threats to the U.S.
Re: Simple solutions to complex situations
*blinks and *boggles* at the story ideas that pour out of THAT*

Oh *wow*.

Or Seal Team a+bi that deals with complex threats?

I am just dying to get back to Misfit Toys and expand the team to lots and lots and lots of experts, as I'm seeing that the SEAL teams really each person has their own expertise to lend, and everyone specializes and rotates as needed.

Leadership is as much the management of the resources at hand as anything, but I've been messing with a fictional group called Get It Done that does *only* that, management of all that Cognitive Surplus and harnessing what it can to what problems it has.