... finally finally finally finished, I think, with the eye problem since last August.

It's called molluscum contagiousum on the lip of the upper eyelid for my right eye. It was really funny, incandescens that the doctor was having an interesting time coding what he'd done for the insurance folks and I was able to talk with him a little bit about it because of your journal. *laughs*

He actually finally diagnosed it in early May, let me go home with heat packs to see if it wouldn't just clear up on its own. Since it was threatening my eye with secondary infections from the inflammation, or glaucoma from the steroid drops we were using to keep the inflammation down, he said to get an appointment to deal with it if it didn't get better in a month.

So I did, for this morning.

The bumps were right on the very edge of my upper eye lid, right where the eye lashes grow. He warned me that the spots he was going to cut would probably not grow lashes back again. And I said that was acceptable.

Then he got out a numbing drop for my eye and an actual syringe for the anesthetic for my eyelid. Yeah, that was... scary... having him come at my eye with a needle. But the head frame I was learning against was solid, so I just kind of zoned out and the needle did the usual pinch and push thing most anesthetics have, and that was done.

I think the best thing was that the doctor's hands were dead steady.

He then had me lean against the frame while he looked at my eye through the magnification stuff, while he went in with things that were a bit like forceps, but with edges on the tips, and he pulled/cut off the bumps a bit at a time, until they drained.

Three of them. The first was on the very edge, so the anesthetic couldn't have full effect there. It was like getting pinched pretty solidly, and then my vision kind of flooded with the gunk draining out, which he caught on gauze. Then the second and then the third.

I thought we were done with that, but he then got out a disposable cauterizing instrument. Said that it would kill the infection as well as stop the bleeding. Since the eyelid is so vascular, and on the head, it was bleeding like... well... a shaving cut or something equally small on the face. So it was going pretty good. Gah. That was odd, to have a tissue and keep crying blood.

The cauterizing was odd. It was electrical, so I kind of felt the buzz under the anesthetic and it was really really odd to see the smoke floating up from where he was... well... burning me. *laughs* And on the edge one it felt pretty much like you might think.

It was... uhm... uncannily Scene-like for me.

But, as advertised, the bleeding stopped. He put an antibiotic ointment all over everything, and then gave me a little time to recover as he coded. *laughs*

I actually could see. But the ointment and blood and stuff made things kind of blurry, so I just sat in my car for a bit until it cleared, before I drove home.

I spent most of the day just recovering. Trying to do a little writing work, played with Jet a little, and took him to an orthodontist's appointment in the afternoon. I read another Brockmann book, and didn't eat much at all. My guts were pretty damned upset by the whole experience. Soupy rice finally really settled me, and it felt good and comforting. It's just rice cooked in a LOT of water until it's thick and really soft and easy on the stomach.

I'm already seeing a difference in how the right eye feels. I can't go swimming until the scabs heal, which is all right for a little while. I checked myself in a mirror as well, half-expecting a big gap in my eyelashes, but it's barely noticeable at all, and it actually looks better without the big bumps that were there. So yay!!

The doctor said that my irritated eye was a classical symptom for the problem, so he's really confident that we Got It Fixed this time around. And I'm very content in that and in having had the courage to just get it done.
Yeah! Ick! One of those, or maybe both. I'm going to dream about that needle tonight.

I've also had issues with eyelid problems irritating my eyes (one of the reasons I can't wear contacts), but never that bad. It still wasn't fun. Eyes complain a lot when they're not happy, don't they? I too hope that you've finally finally finally really seen the last of it. *hugs*
Aieee about the needle dream. I'm sorry about that.

Eyes do complain a lot when they're not happy.

*hugs you solidly*

I really do hope that it's the last of it.
I'm glad you and the doctor have gotten on top of the problem. Well done you for getting through that - I don't generally consider myself very squeamish, but ... yeah, I was having reactions to your description.
Thank you so much! Yeah, it was... uhm... a mite more harrowing than I'd thought it would be.

Thank you!
That sounds like quite a scary procedure but good on you for getting it done! I definitely hope that's the end of your trouble.
Doooood. Just...dude. *HUGS* That's seven different kinds of intense, but I'm so glad you can see better now. Hooray for getting the guts to get the scary stuff done.
*hugs tight*

Yeah, it was intense. Whew... thanks!! And I'm glad I got it done, too.
I really hope this gets it gone for you. I gotta say it sounds really gross and medically cool at the same time. I think it would freak me out to see that stuff going on even if it was blurry *shudders*.
*shudders as well* Yeah it was kind of freaking me out, but there was a very practical part of me going, "If you stay still he'll be done *faster*."

Thank you for the hopes!

Eeek I'm glad it's fixed!

Heehee the name of the disease made me wonder if you had SNAILS.
Contagious snails at that. That might have moved to your lower eyelid-- yuck-- but slowly.

Very glad the procedure and the affliction are both over.
*laughs* Yes... soooo slowly. They actually have no idea how I got it, and so no idea how I could avoid it again, but the doc said it was really rare, so unlikely to happen again. Whew.

Yes. I'm very glad that both are over... and I'm actually nearly normal again with contacts and everything. Whew...
*giggles* Yes, the Latin name... and it does look like the shell of a snail close up.
I'm glad the bad stuff is out so you can release good stuff at will. I hope healthy eyes make it easier for you to read and write and create!
Heh. I'm glad to hear I was useful. :)

I'm very glad to hear that it has been dealt with, and that you're already feeling a difference/improvement. I hope it stays that way!

Also very impressed by your description of it -- which, knowing you, you will be saving for later use. (And would we have it any other way?)
You were very useful.

I'm hoping, too!

*giggles at the last* Yes. It's likely. But.. aieee....
um, yikes. um, ick. um, glad he worked out what it is and yay for it being done!

*laughs* I am very glad that he worked it out and I'm very very grateful that it's done.