Mostly Tired

Just feeling frayed and sad and hopeful and tired, very tired, of not being able to write.

Good things were playing Raving Rabids with Jet. It's just a silly funny game, and lots of screaming doesn't hurt. We also did some origami together, and it was good.

Took a 9000 step walk around the two adjoining neighborhoods and enjoyed the scent of the grass and the sway of trees in the wind. A few neighbors nodded and said hello and a few others were taking down the garage sales for today and yesterday for the organized neighborhood garage sale. The boys set up their wares on the driveway and made a few bucks, which Jet spent on five glass jars in a wire rack.

The three of us went grocery shopping, just for fun to do it all together, as we don't usually. That was just fun, and I got 2 pounds of blueberries for $3 when they were selling 4.4 ounce clamshells of them 2/$5. I'm not at all sure how that might have made sense, and the juxtaposition made me laugh.

Eyelid was swollen this morning, and there was gunk caked up, but I think it's just the leftovers from the procedure. The right eye is no redder than the left, and that's a very very good place to start.
I hope you feel more writeable soon! And am glad that your eye is at least no redder, and hope that gets better soon, too.
*hugs solidly* Thank you!! I hope so too... am working on ways to help myself, which is all good.
That's a great idea. It just aches some, and the swelling is going down, but still a bit today.

Thank you!