Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mostly Tired

Just feeling frayed and sad and hopeful and tired, very tired, of not being able to write.

Good things were playing Raving Rabids with Jet. It's just a silly funny game, and lots of screaming doesn't hurt. We also did some origami together, and it was good.

Took a 9000 step walk around the two adjoining neighborhoods and enjoyed the scent of the grass and the sway of trees in the wind. A few neighbors nodded and said hello and a few others were taking down the garage sales for today and yesterday for the organized neighborhood garage sale. The boys set up their wares on the driveway and made a few bucks, which Jet spent on five glass jars in a wire rack.

The three of us went grocery shopping, just for fun to do it all together, as we don't usually. That was just fun, and I got 2 pounds of blueberries for $3 when they were selling 4.4 ounce clamshells of them 2/$5. I'm not at all sure how that might have made sense, and the juxtaposition made me laugh.

Eyelid was swollen this morning, and there was gunk caked up, but I think it's just the leftovers from the procedure. The right eye is no redder than the left, and that's a very very good place to start.

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