Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Kung Fu Panda 2

Jet and I went and watched it today.

John's in Seattle for the week, so I'm a single parent from Monday through Friday, and I'm always amazed and impressed by all single parents during such times. Not that Jet's at all difficult, either, but I find myself really wanting to take advantage of the time I can spend with him and try not to drive him crazy or drive myself crazy. doing it. *laughs*

Today we went for donuts for breakfast, with Jet still in his pajamas, we elected to get a latte and hot chocolate at the drive-thru latte stand nearby and just eat on the table in the van. That was a lot of fun, to just sit and talk with him as we ate. Then we went to the library and Jet entrusted me with his books to return and a stern injunction to get One Piece 13-16.

He's really, really into One Piece manga. Just loves it, and is plowing through the books three at a time, nearly every day or two. So I tried checking out six of them, and it worked! I borrowed Inu-Yasha 16 and 17, and read them while Jet was reading his. Between pages, I fought McAfee Security on my machine, as it just won't turn on the realtime checking, and I don't know why. Went through a seven page FAQ process and am down to just reinstalling the thing.

Which is another three-page list of instructions. *laughs*

Finally, I gave up in frustration and sent Jet off to swim while I went for a small walk, and when I was done with that I finally just threw up my hands and we went for a movie: Kung-fu Panda 2.

All of us loved the first Kung-fu Panda movie because the writers and Jack Black so obviously loved old Hong Kong movies. The characterizations, the plot line, and the whole arc of the story itself reflected how those movies often go. It didn't hurt that they got Jackie Chan for the Monkey. And in 2, they actually got Michelle Yeoh(!!!) as the voice for the lady who can foresee the future. She was wonderful as that, too. I love her voice and her accent. *sighs happily*

It was good in this one too. Not quite the same feeling of a brand new discovery like there was for the first movie, but it was really fun. The dancing dragon sequence had both Jet and I giggling helplessly.

The action sequences were just gorgeous, and the plotline very much fitting with the Kung-fu experience at a children's level. I loved it. I love happy endings. *laughs* And needed one.

Afterward, we bought Raving Rabids Go Back In Time for Jet and I to play. Dinner was just spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra. Jet loved it, and we had ice cream for dessert. And then played the game and found that the versus mode just made me very unhappy. So now I'm just going to watch while Jet plays and I'll cheer him on, and we'll both be content.
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