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I got to see Spiderman today! Even though most of the morning and afternoon I was pretty miserably stuffed up and headachy... we decided to let Joan take Jet with her on her errands with Alex and Haley and we went to see Spiderman with a bunch of work folks.

It was *fun*, and it was good to the spirit of the original books.

But it really did remind me, pretty hard, of why I originally stopped buying the series when it was being printed. No matter how hard Peter tries to be good, reality kicks him in the teeth, and I got tired of that. Okay, so he gets kicked harder when he tries to be bad, but I always hated the teenage angst bits... *laughter*

Yes, this is why I haven't really watched Buffy since season two, and why I am not deeply into girl's anime.

But I did love the seat-squirming gatherings in real life of Peter's friends and loved ones with the knowledge of what's going on under the mask of reality. That I remembered, and that they got really well in the movie.

I liked the affects, but I think I liked the story better. It's not deep, but it really had the flavor of the old books, and I enjoyed that a lot. I also really enjoyed the Spidey-view-point sequences when Peter's first getting used to the web-slinging motions and how he's learning. That was very cool indeed. I guess it was much like the fast-footage in the first Blade movie, I like thinking of what the visuals are like from the viewpoint of the character when the character is other than human

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