John's Away...

... and we do play.

Jet's been very good about taking care of me for the past week, and I've been glad to have him. Taking care of him means that I have to have three meals a day, I get out for exercise (Mom, we really need to go swimming and you need sunshine.), and I actually have something of a chance to be present instead of lost in my head.

That's been amazingly cool.

Better yet, Jet had a project he wanted to do, and, together, we got it done.

One of Jet's big projects of the week was this little guy. It's the Wee Robot in Jet's book, and Jet picked all the colors, the buttons, and added all kinds of detail stitching to him, including a sun and a cresent moon on his back. It was funny as the pattern called for weighted stuffing for the bottom, so Jet went out and got a handful of rocks. Not exactly what I would have chosen, but it did the trick, and really makes the little guy stable.

Jet did everything on him, only needing help to thread the needle and figure out the pattern. I also did the machine stitching as needed, but he pretty much chose and decided and did everything else. So he's pretty proud of the little guy.

I haven't been quite as motivated in my things. Mostly just letting Jet lead the way as I've been a little out of it lately. We went to the library nearly every other day as he waded through One Piece. We watched Green Hornet, which was just... sillier than I wanted it to be. There essentially was a straight-line plot and the characters weren't particularly deep. I liked Kato's actor and his obvious action background, but the character.. not so much.

Jet found the One Piece anime on the Funimation official anime site for the series. Seems that they show all the episodes with a few commercials for free. John's new desktop has a screen that's big enough that we can watch episodes on it, but Jet wants me to hook the laptop up to the "real" TV so we can watch them there.

I am probably going to do that and knit. *laughs*

Today is the last day that John's out. And I'm glad that we've lasted this far. *laughs* Jet's off to camp for the first part of next week. It'll be an overnight camp and he'll be on his own, so it'll be quite a step for us all.
Yay for stuffie! Drat for Green Hornet. Yay for One Piece?

Eeeee, overnight camp! O_O
A fair number of anime series have been legally licensed to various sites, like and if you feel the need to seek out more.

There are also sites for Korean and other dramas that have been legally licensed to show content, like and (The cool thing about ViKi is that it's crowdsourced subtitling, which means there's often a lot more "flavor" to the translations than a commercial sub. Sometimes the nonstandard English reveals a lot more about the culture than proper grammar would. Also, they have supertitles with sometimes hilarious editorial commentary on the action.)

I really love living in the future.
I have had a subscription to crunchyroll for a while, but their feed just cuts out on me far too much! I'm not sure what the matter was, but I'll keep trying now and again.

Neat about the Korean shows as well! Yum about the subs.

I agree. I really DO love living in the future. *laughs*
A very cute stuffy!

I would send you some brain cells and motivation if I had any to send.
I'm very glad he was motivated to do it.

I sense a common lack. *sigh* I wish you a clear mind and motivation as well. *hugs* Thank you!
Good that you're keeping busy.

I keep hearing about One Piece and how it has a really good story line, but the SD aspect of the anime just turns me off. Of course, that hasn't stopped me from reading OP porn....
Yeah... I've never much liked the over exaggerated art, and I actually think it extends to the storylines as well as the fights and the plot lines, but... sometimes that is just really appealing and sometimes I just not in the mood for it. *laughs*

And I really do enjoy what fanfic writers have done with the chars, too. *grins*
Hell, I'd be damned proud of that little guy. He's super cute. How old is Jet again? *fail*
Jet is a creative little guy! Nice project - and it's great that you could help him with it when he needed it.

I have yet to see Green Hornet, so I cannot say I like or dislike it yet ... but if it's just a straight-line plot without decent characters to back-up what the plot lacks. Must be taking that off of Netflix queue.

And haha, One Piece marathon sounds fun ^^ And I wish Jet good luck at camp. Hope he makes plenty of friends. Or is he going with some too?
Green Hornet is pretty. But... yeah... stereotypical chars that can't actually *talk* about anything, and I'll admit I felt it was kind of a waste of my time.

The One Piece marathon is fun. And Jet will know one of the camp leaders going in and at least two of the boys that will be there, so I think he'll be all right to start. I hope he'll find more friends, too.
I agree Green Hornet was blah but One Piece is AWESOME!!!! also Jet's little guy is soo cute!!!
Hee. Glad that you agree!! With both! *laughs*

Jet just loves playing with his little guy now that he's made it. It's really fun.