Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

John's Away...

... and we do play.

Jet's been very good about taking care of me for the past week, and I've been glad to have him. Taking care of him means that I have to have three meals a day, I get out for exercise (Mom, we really need to go swimming and you need sunshine.), and I actually have something of a chance to be present instead of lost in my head.

That's been amazingly cool.

Better yet, Jet had a project he wanted to do, and, together, we got it done.

One of Jet's big projects of the week was this little guy. It's the Wee Robot in Jet's book, and Jet picked all the colors, the buttons, and added all kinds of detail stitching to him, including a sun and a cresent moon on his back. It was funny as the pattern called for weighted stuffing for the bottom, so Jet went out and got a handful of rocks. Not exactly what I would have chosen, but it did the trick, and really makes the little guy stable.

Jet did everything on him, only needing help to thread the needle and figure out the pattern. I also did the machine stitching as needed, but he pretty much chose and decided and did everything else. So he's pretty proud of the little guy.

I haven't been quite as motivated in my things. Mostly just letting Jet lead the way as I've been a little out of it lately. We went to the library nearly every other day as he waded through One Piece. We watched Green Hornet, which was just... sillier than I wanted it to be. There essentially was a straight-line plot and the characters weren't particularly deep. I liked Kato's actor and his obvious action background, but the character.. not so much.

Jet found the One Piece anime on the Funimation official anime site for the series. Seems that they show all the episodes with a few commercials for free. John's new desktop has a screen that's big enough that we can watch episodes on it, but Jet wants me to hook the laptop up to the "real" TV so we can watch them there.

I am probably going to do that and knit. *laughs*

Today is the last day that John's out. And I'm glad that we've lasted this far. *laughs* Jet's off to camp for the first part of next week. It'll be an overnight camp and he'll be on his own, so it'll be quite a step for us all.
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