Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Happy Camper

Jet is a very happy camper. He got all packed yesterday and we dropped him off at La Foret today. Got him all registered, unpacked, and set up and then we all gave each other hugs and said good-bye.

I kept looking for him in the back seat. *laughs softly*

Yesterday we went to a marriage between two ladies, one of whom is trans, but hasn't done all the legal gender changing, yet. So it's actually a lawful, legal lesbian marriage, for all that it's entirely confusing in my head. Both their families refused to come to the wedding, but the congregation came up with a good number of people, filling the chapel along with their friends from all over. It was really good to see all the support they had and the friends that they do have that love them enough to show up.

A lovely, big burly man in a kilt gave the bride away, and he was really neat.

Jet watched the whole thing with the same boredom of any 10-year-old at a wedding. *laughs* And was happy to be able to get away without the reception, as we had to get him all packed up for camp today.

The ride to camp was pretty quiet, and Jet read for most of it while I napped in the back seat with him. Jet did ask John if there really were flush toilets there, and there were. In fact the cabin Jet is in has a full out kitchen with sink, fridge, and stove as well as showers in the restrooms and bunk beds for all the kids. He knows nearly half the kids that are there, and one of the camp counselors in his cabin is his favorite teacher from school and church. So Jet's pretty well set. He's also one of the oldest kids there, and Teddy (the teacher) was all set to give him one of the leadership roles for her groups.

So he'll have responsibilities as well as plenty of friends he knows and a schedule that made us all go... wow when we saw it. *laughs* He was pretty excited when we left, and I think he'll do just fine.

After getting him all settled, we headed back to Denver, stopping at H-Mart, but we couldn't get anything frozen because we planned on staying in Denver proper for dinner.

We walked all the way down 16th from Larimer nearly to Broadway, but hopped the shuttle back to Wazee where we ate at Jax Fish Bar. It is about as expensive as you'd expect an oyster bar to be that's 1200 miles from the ocean, but we had Kunamotos and Hama Hama oysters before a nice wedge salad with plenty of blue cheese and bacon and some blue crab cakes (with an amazing citrus gelee) and seared halibut cheeks with a vial of a very light sauce made with wine grape juice and seasonings. It was lovely.

We walked some more after that and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory, staring at the shelves, and found a mango-lime cheesecake. *laughs* A little coffee and a few slabs of that, and we were very content.

So it's been a pretty good day.
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